2K, Super Mashive Games and New Horror Game Query announcement

2K and Super Mashive Games announced on June 10, which comes to new horrors ‘queries’.

As a new teen horror-interactive narrative game, a large and small choices create a story, resulting in a new 10-way horror, resulting in a new teen horror, and as a result, the player will choose which characters live.

In this work, the development team of Super Mashive Games, famous for “Until Dawn”, participated in the development of the developing team and Will Byles.

‘Query’ is a background of the summer camp, as a background, as a background, and the teenage teachers have a commemorative parties, and there is a distinctive situation in which one of the two instruments continued, and a terrible situation with no rule, and an adult.

The characters should be chased by the blood-soaked local residents and something wicked, and we have to make a decision that comes to the residents and choice, and the front is not unknown.

The player decides the nine destiny of the teenage camp map in the thrilling story and creates my own story through a large and small judgment.

In addition, depending on the complex tangled relationship between the characters and the player in various environments, it may be the main character of the game, depending on which character has made a decision, and can be died in contrast.

In addition, each character will produce a threatening fear of the thrilling fear of the realistic actress of Hollywood’s famous actors and filming technology with state-of-the-art face capture and movie-cooling technology.

In this work, the ‘Scrim’ franchise’s David Aquette, the “Modern Family” Ariel Winter, ‘Jurassic Park’, Justice Smith, ‘Stone Face’ Brenda Song, ‘Ailian’ Lance Henrixson, ‘Ellen’ And the back was participated.

Support online play with up to seven friends, watching the situation where the story is to watch the story, voted to the critical decision, and develop the story, or each player chooses a map teacher to manipulate a party horror local cooperative You can also enjoy it.

In addition, it provides a difficulty adjustment for me, and chooses the deployment of the story without playing directly, and also supports movie modes that can be appreciated like a thriller movie.

2K introduced the official trailer with the official announcement and showed the first appearance of a game full of amazing delicate visuals, cinematical quality, and famous actors.

“Will Byles), a super mashive Games’s general creative director, Will Byles,” queries were made and produced by interactive storytelling and the newest area of ​​the latest technology, “he said. I told you to sacrifice, and I am expecting to make a decision. “

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The 2K David Ismailer said, “The query will be able to experience interactive narrative interactive narrative, which is totally different from the game that has been distributed by 2K until now,” said the United States is the best in this field. Because we are their big fan. The opportunity to collaborate with people with such great creativity in our industry, the journey to be together through the queries, “said the journey to be together through the queries,” said it was announced.

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