Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero delays its premiere in Japan by hacking to Toei

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hereo - Official Trailer 3 (Japanese)
The production of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero hSuper Hero been paralyzed. The recent Hackeo of the animation studio TOEI ANIMATION , which this March 15 experienced a security gap on its servers, hSuper Hero affected a large-scale suspension of productions such Super Hero anime of One Piece and, unfortunately for the Fans of the Universe of Son Goku and company, also at the premiere of the expensive film in CGI of Dragon Ball Super, which will not reach Japanese cinemSuper Hero this April 22 .

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero suffers an indefinite delay; Date to be determined

To this end and on an official nature, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is delayed by indefinite form . This means that the new date of launching the film in Japan is unknown; Details will be given later. Right now, the greatest concern of Toei Animation – arized of the audiovisual rights of Dragon Ball – is make sure that the internal network of the company is perfectly saneada ** for the resumption of series such Super Hero Digimon: Ghost Game or the mentioned One Piece; Added to a multi-million dollar production like the one that is now the protagonist, the new Dragon Ball Super film.

They have not transcended more details. The premiere date of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in the West, Spain included, is unknown.

What do we know about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It is postulated Super Hero one of the most risky and different productions to date on the field of cinema and animation. Akira Toriyama’s license faces the first full-rolled film in CGI. The executive producer Akio Iyoku, the producer Norihiro HaySuper Herohida and the director Tetsuro Kodama, have deposited great hopes on a ribbon that seeks to surprise us for its animation and its action scenes; Thus continuing the wake of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, who put the actually high bar with just some of his scenes in CGI.

The Tetsuro Kodama itself hSuper Hero justified the use of CGI animation with the goal of “ Break barriers “. Specifically, this wSuper Hero the explanation of it: “We grew up in the middle of the generation Dragon Ball of Shonen Jump, and since then, the Fandom hSuper Hero become more and greater until it becomes this huge phenomenon. But we also have the mission of breaking barriers and helping attract new fans. “

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