Fighting Action ADV “Clash: Artifacts of Chaos” Gameplay Trailer Released-Announcement of November 2022

Chile’s ACE Team Developed, and the Fighting Action Adventure “ CLASH: Artifacts of Chaos ” that France NACON releases is released,

The player acts as a martial arts “Suead” in the world of punk fantasy called “Zenozoik”. Sueed has been relieved as a wondering person as a wondering person and lived as a wondering person, but he will change his life by meeting a small creature called “boy” with strange abilities. The healing power of the “boy” will stop the queen of the relics, and the Sede decided to protect the “boy” from her will probably throw the fight against the queen’s army..

Clash- Artifacts of Chaos |Gameplay Reveal Trailer
This work has become a fighting action from the third person perspective, and it can be confirmed that the video can not be played in a video or kicking, and schematics. Counter attacks and special attacks against Paris and opponent’s attacks. It is possible to switch to a first person pointpoint to use its own technique.

Also characteristic is the existence of this world ‘s law during battle. In the ancient conventions, they made a board game before combat and the winner can start fighting after constrained to the loser. An artifact collection that constrained the other party in a board game will also be one of the players’s purposes.

It also supports online PVP and cooperative play.

“Clash: Artifacts of Chaos” is scheduled to be released in November 2022 in PC (Steam, Epic Games) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Seriesx | S / S / US.

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