Letter from the producer: for his 15th anniversary The Lord of the Rings Online extends his model Free to Play

Come down the middle, a large part of travel is free…

The new letter from the producer has just arrived and it announces some important changes in the economic model of the Lord of the Online Rings **.

From the update 33, at the end of the boxes, quests and extensions to the HELM chasm Included become free and accessible to all players allowing to progress to level 95.
The race of the High Elves, the Sentinel Classes, Guardian of the Runes and Bâornides also join this momentum of free

Finally, the VIP subscription will include standard editions of extensions Mordor , Minas Morgul and the war of the three peaks.

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An important change in this business model since the Free to Play offer extends to the first 95 levels – on the 140 available, and allows you to value the VIP subscription that will finally include the remaining extensions except Gundabad .

For the rest, a new area will be available with the MàJ 33, the distant county and a new instance will be available with the anniversary festival because yes the Lord of the online rings will celebrate in April its fifteen candles!

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