Viktoria Cologne rescues early leadership in Würzburg

Würzburg’s coach Ralf Santelli took a change compared to the 3: 1 success against Borussia Dortmund II: Turnover replaced in the back left Louis Breunig (not in the squad).

Viktoria coach Olaf Janßen exchanged after 2: 1 against labor Wiesbaden also once: Marseiler moved to handle (ill) into the starting eleven.

Kickers TV: Die Stimmen nach der 0:1-Heimniederlage gegen Viktoria Köln

The Viktoria started at the guest match in Würzburg Furios. From the beginning, the Cathedralstädter pressed the opponent deep in his half and rewarded early for the courageous appearance: after tears free kick was Fritz Geldodricht and nodded the ball to the guidance (6.).

bonmann holds the Turnover replaceds in the game

Despite the goalkeeper, the Turnover replaceds were not awake and were lucky not to run early on a two-goal residue at an early stage. Bonmann parished the degrees of Philipp (10th) and Heister (13th) each to the corner.

The parades did not only consider the subfrunken in the game, but were also a wake-up call. As a result, the householders made the game balanced and put the Viktoria defense under pressure earlier.

Despite the increase in performance, the Würzburg needed a standard situation to be dangerous for the first time. Strohdiekk’s shot after a Herrmann free kick clarified Hong for the already beaten Nicolas by head on the line (34.). Due to the strong clarification of the attacker his team went with the scarce lead in the break.

perdedajs hits will be taken back

Immediately with the restart, a racy game developed with opportunities on both sides. First, the Kölner Amyn substituted in the half-time failed in one-counter-one of Bonmann (48.), marriage Perdedaj the ball on the other side in the gate (52.). However, the cheers did not last long, because the midfielder from the point of view of the referee Tobias Schulte was out of the way – a concise decision (52).

But the hosts could not be confused and had the chance to compensate for three minutes after the hit hit again. Pourié’s degree only flew to the external network.

Pourié not cold-cold enough

After the turbulent initial phase in the second section, the game changed – but the Turnover replaceds remained the game-determining team. Despite the superiority, only a compensation exceeded, but Pourié had missed the cold snopy again and headed over the gate (80th).

Ultimately, the guests saved the early 1: 0 over time and thus expanded the distance to the descent ranks. Meanwhile, the lead on Viktoria Berlin – at least temporary – eleven counter.

The Würzburg Turnover replaceds travel to Munich in two weeks for the duel against TurkGücü on Sunday afternoon (2 pm). Cologne welcomes the second team of Borussia Dortmund the next matchday (Saturday, 2 pm).

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