The Quarry: Until Dawn Studio announces new horror today

Supermassive Games has announced a little surprisingly announcement. The studio behind Until Dawn and Dark Pictures Anthology works on a completely new title named The Quarry. When Publisher acts 2K Games – so the game is not part of horror anthology, for which Bandai Namco holds the publishing rights.

Tonight a big presentation should follow, to which a countdown page leads us. But there is already a teaser that brings us the mood and setting closer to us.

The Quarry | Official Announce Trailer | 2K
* When is the Reveal from The Quarry? On March 17, at 17 o’clock German time

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You can expect that from The Quarry

Classic setting: The teaser reminds of the good old horror strips from the 80s and 90s. A group of teen (I’ll take now) had a car accident with an unknown creature (the full moon could indulge on werewolves). The girls and guys want to be in a summer camp in a quarry (Quarry in English). But the little trustworthy policeman tells them that they will not arrive there, “at least not tonight”.

With the typical supermassive style: both in Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures Anthology we take over the role of different (mostly young) characters that have to beat through a horror scenario. The special thing is that the figures can die permanently if we make poor decisions or fail in rapid buttons. The gameplay is rather leisurely and fights are held via QTES.

The last part of the anthology could only convince us moderately:

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When will the quarry appear? We can only speculate about this evening. However, according to IGN, The Quarry was already provided by the ESRB (corresponds to approximately the USK) with an age release. This suggests that the contents are more or less done and the game could soon appear after the announcement. This also speaks that Supermassive will probably publish a new part of the anthology in the fall.

And what about the Dark Pictures Anthology?

The Quarry is probably a small side project, and the Dark Pictures Anthology will continue to run normally. Only recently supermassive has revealed the fourth part of the series. An exact date of publication is not yet available for The Devil in Me, but the studio usually makes a new offshoot punctually to Halloween in the third quarter.

Here you can see the new part in the trailer:

Does a remake uncle dawn? Finally, there were rumors to a remake of the greatest success of SuperMassive: Until Dawn. However, we ask ourselves how a remake of the game should look, which would probably even turn to the game mechanics. It is much more likely that this is a remaster of the popular classic.

Can not you get enough of the horror games of Supermassive or are you saturated from the formula slowly?

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