All locations of seeds MOKOK in the forest Parna in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has many collectible items, but none of them are so rich as the wet seeds. They resemble small fruits with green luminescence, and when they find them, they will glow.

There are twelve wet seeds that you need to find and collect the guy in the forest in the northern right. The collection of mococo seeds is pretty simple, except for four, so there are places with wet seeds in Verdassy in a lost ark.

All 12 Parna Forest Mokoko Seed Locations Lost Ark

Where to find all seeds mococo in the forest Parna in Lost Ark

First, find eight wet seeds that are not located next to yellow triangles. They are easy to find, and they can be found by moving to the places marked above.

Easy to get to the western triangle on the map. You will see the point of the jump where the triangle is located. Just jump until you reach two seeds.

It may be difficult to determine the most eastern triangle. Goblin is where you need to stand. Just move a little to the right of Goblin to explore the animal nearby. A place for jumping will be open after the goblin will run to the animal. Take the remaining two wet seeds.

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