“Ring Story” Original MMORPG “The Lord Of The Rings Online” Initial 6 years of update content for free

Standing Stone Games will commemorate the 15th anniversary of the North American service “ THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE ” to handle MMORPG “ THE LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE ” and implemented update 33 in late April, and implemented paid content implemented in the first six years It announced that it will open for free.

LOTRO In 2021 First Impressions

The North American service of “LOTRO” was started 15 years ago in April 2007. In this work, which has become a longevity MMO that lines the shoulder with World OF Warcraft “Worldwarcraft”, all quests, areas, instances and extended content introduced from 2007 to 2013 will be able to play free. This update also contains “Rune-Keper” “Warden” and “Beorning” of the new class extended with “Moria tunnel” “Helm’s Deep”.

In addition, “Lotro” producer Raninia is still offering some of them, and it is possible for everyone to share with you in the coming weeks, several months, “also promises further announcements. increase

In Japan, the Japanese version service is started in Sakura Internet operation in six years in 2007. The original novel “Ring Story” was focused on a deep fan of the “Ring Story”, but it was attracted attention, but unfortunately, it was annoyed to implement the large-scale update “Moria tunnel” implementation.

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