Charity DLC of Ukraine support appeared in Chernobylite “Chernobylite” -Sell is all donated to humanitarian support group

Chernobyl’s stage survival horror Developer with “Chernobylite” and Publisher All in! Games is charity DLC for supported Ukrainian people suffered from invasion of Ukraine by Russia Sales of “CherNobylite-Charity Pack” started for PC.

ChernobyLite Charity Pack DLC all money will be donated to Ukrainian humanitarian aid projects

The Farm 51 was a reasons for selling charity DLC, as a reason for being able to learn familiar with the development of this work frequently, and I can ignore the people who live there and those who live there It explained that there was no. At the end of February, sales for a week was donated for humanitarian assistance, but even if it comes to the situation where the situation surrounding Ukraine does not improve even now, all in! Games is jointly in a long-term perspective We are planning to provide support to be necessary.

This DLC released as part of that, contains two-wallpaper and printing posters for printing. Each can be obtained in the form of digital data. Although all DLCs were promised to the KickStarter supporters in this work, we assume that this DLC will be treated as an exception only.

The Farm 51 and All In! Games with the Farm 51 and All In! Games have a non-profit charitable organization “The” THE ” Pure Heart Foundation (фонд чисті серцем) ‘is scheduled.

“CherNobylite” DLC “CherNobylite-Charity Pack” is sold for a limited time for a period of time from March 14, 2023 in a PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, The store other than STEAM is that it can be purchased alone even if you do not own the game main story.

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