MBappe demands minimum of self-esteem

Even before the backlage defeat at Real Madrid (March 9), it had been suggested that the Parisians currently have enormously weak in other stadiums: On February 19, they collected in Nantes, currently in the table midfield of Ligue 1, three goals in The first half and lost including a given Neymar penalty with 1: 3. This trend was continued in Nice (0: 1), with one of the teams, which is now lurking for more PSG-Patzer in Ligue 1 – maybe lurking the French title in a potential final spurt.

If we continue to occur, it is clear that the title is at risk.

Marquinhos after the fourth away defeat in series

Because even in Monaco lost Paris at the weekend 0: 3. It was away defeat number 4 in series. It was also probably the most weakest and unmotivated performance PSGs this season. Even Captain Marquinhos said to L’Equipe then: “If we continue so, it is clear that the title is in danger.” The Brazilian knives the Parisian appearance in the Principality also to “our worst play of the year” and said that PSG could not just throw everything away now.

With this alamatological statement, Marquinhos almost seems to forget that his team continues at least in Ligue 1 the table continues with twelve points, even after Marseilles enormously meaningful 2: 1 home win against Nice, now second and fourth. OM still occurs even in the Prinzenpark (17 April), but currently seems to be a one of other co-competitors in question, it should be in nine remaining games and a strongly declining form PSGs again at least a bit exciting: Stade Rennes. The Bretons won all their five past games in Ligue 1, at a goal ratio of 20: 6 (!) And are 13 meters behind PSG.

0 points and 2:10 goals in four games – PSGs Away Balance Last

Kylian Mbappé also found at “Amazon Prime” regarding motivation for the remaining league season dramatic words, after the early and in ultimately only a half-time playful opportunity on the first title in the Champions League long since many seasons: “We have to respect, Respecting the trailers, respecting our families and those related to us. We have to respect us if we have a minimum of self-esteem. That was a game in which that was missing (…). “

Yes, that is unacceptable. We can not start the game in such a way. That’s a shame.

Kylian Mbappé - All 18 UCL goals for PSG

PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino

Even the best Paris in the defeat in Monaco also pointed out that people from his point of view are always reminiscent of the Champions League and there is almost no role games to win with 8 or 9 to 0, in the league. But throughout the Ligue 1 season, PSG brings in 15 games in other stadiums on only 25 points. Not even half of all games (seven) could win. In the Champions League, there was no victory in all four games in the stranger, in the group stage in Bruges (1: 1), Leipzig (2: 2) and in Manchester (1: 2), before the appearance in the Madrider Bernabeu ( 1: 3).

Although the own coach uses such words as follows and not the otherwise conventional pr-speaking of themselves, you know that the situation in Paris is currently more than tense, but may already be overcooked: “Yes, that’s unacceptable. We can not start the game in such a way. That’s a shame because we are competitors. We have to look forward and finally leave the frustration from the Champions League behind us by remembering the best for ourselves And the club to give the institution, “said Mauricio Pochettino at the press conference after the Monaco game.

The best for the actors themselves, the club and the institution – it is already rumored whether the coach and how many of the players will be seen from the beginning of July still in the Parisian dress. For example, “Le Parisien” has been reporting for several weeks that the ways of Pochettinos and PSGs are to be part of summer, in addition to Mbappé’s whereabouts, most recently seemed questionable by Lionel Messi.

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