[Reporter notebook] Aid Hallyu Content K game

[INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL “BTS”, ‘BTS’, ‘parasites’, ‘squid game’, and K Contents have been in the heart of the world, Korean games, and Korean games of Korean Wave culture, were the best Korean games, the best of the global Korean game, were rarely seen. It is true that Korean games that have not been able to do not even off the Korean game in the Western market are mainly popular in the Asian market.

The Korean game that did it also rarely rarely hit in the global market, but it was nice to meet you. The “Battleground” of the Craftone was started by the Global Gamers beyond Korea to the ‘Rost Arc’ of the Smile Gate.

In particular, Lost Arc was a global game platform steam, and the Global Game Platform Steam, ranked 132 million in the global game platform steam, and the global game platform steam, and took the second largest record in the global game platform steam. The first place is 1320,000 battle ground. 1, the second game is that the game occupied by the K game.

The image of the Korean game then can not deny that it was not so bad because of the inclusion of a certain genre design, a certain genre. It is only true that it was only popular in some markets such as Korea and Taiwan. Even though I am a excessive revenue model that makes the payer, it is a sign of so-called Galapagosflammation.

The Power Of Hallyu - But At What Price? | Deciphering South Korea - Ep 1 | CNA Documentary

In the event of a global game market, eventually you have to create a game that matches the taste of global gamers. As you use deepest storytelling and money, you will not be limited to the deaf, which is stronger, which is stronger, and it is not limited to Mobile, and it is not a simple and clear road that makes efforts to fun for the game such as a vast content that covers the PC and the console.

Fortunately, many of the game users are not expected to be a familiar to Korean-style success equations, and they are noticed to create games on Global launches from the planning stage. As a result of the games in overseas famous studios, we look forward to the day when Korean games have achieved the best game that Korean games shine in the future.

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