A great detail of the new The Witcher is confirmed

Since it was revealed that CD Projekt Red is working in a fourth game of The Witcher , many have asked what direction the series will take, and it seems that we finally have a small indication. Recently it was revealed that the medallion we can see in the first image of this delivery does not correspond to the school of the wolf , but that of the lynx.

Recently, EUROGAMER had the opportunity to speak with Robert Malinowski, CD Projekt Red Communication Director, who confirmed that the medallion we can see in the first image does not correspond to the school where Geralt learned to be a Witcher . This was what was commented about:

“OK, some mysteries should not be so mysterious. I can confirm that the medallion has, in fact, the shape of a lynx. “

NEW WITCHER Game ANNOUNCED! First Details from CDPR!

The interesting thing is that there is no lynx school in the canon of games and books. Instead, This concept arose into a story created by a fan, that is, it is a fiction . This story presents to Brujo Lambert and the Sorcerera Kiera Metz, who travel south after the events of The Witcher 3, and finally joined and reformed the cat’s school as the Lynx School.

The question is: What does this mean for the new game of The Witcher? Well, if CD Projekt Red manages to place its history in this universe, that would result in a completely new story. Similarly, it is speculated that this could give rise to an original protagonist, one that the player can create.

At the moment there are still many details without revealing themselves, and It seems that it will be a long time before having a clear answer to these mysteries . You can learn more about the new game of The Witcher here. Similarly, CD Projekt Red has promised that there will be no more crunch in the study.

Editor’s note:

More than their history and characters, what I intrigue most is the fact that the lynx school is a product of a fan. The terms of copyright still do not have a clear solution to this type of conflict, so everything could be solved with only one mention of the original author of history.

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