[GDC2022] Status of metaverse game, and that rank?

The metabus is one of the “terms” and ‘concept’ that is the most important issue in the world. Neil Stevenson, 1992, was used for the first time in the novels of the novel snorkar, and it is a term synthesized the Universe meaning META and the world that means virtual.

Someone says that it is a joke that has already brought the concept that already exists that already exists, and someone says that the technology will go forward in the future. But whatever, “Metabus” must be the most important picture that Facebook changes the mission to the mission.

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Many technical companies are striving to create a metaverse platform, but in fact, various games such as Port Knight, Roblock, MineCraft, Jepheto are already providing meta buses. So what is the fact that the element creating a successful meta bus, and the major games recognized as the metabus are using how successful the factors.

The status of the metaverse game was held at GDC 2022 and the lecture to rank in a variety of categories. Dom Tait, director of OMDIA, responsible for games, music, audio, consumer platforms and AI studies, has become a lecture.

■ What is the meta bus

What is the meta bus? Dom Tait has received this question for six months, and the metaverse is defined as a virtual sharing space that users could do everything in the real world.

In the end, the metabus will be the ultimate appearance of the virtual world, and in order to become a ‘metabase’, it must have 6 functions to unlimited, harmonious, equality, identity, economy, and immersion. All users should be able to access anywhere in anytime, anywhere, and all the same virtual worlds should be provided, and everything that is implemented in real time is equally experienced.

In addition, we must be able to make a self-representative avatar and represent themselves anywhere, and the economic system that can be sophisticated and continuously traded like reality without being courteous to the platform. Finally, you should simulate a rich and realistic world that you feel that the user is fully connected.

He told him to think about the meta bus all times in a completely different way. It is related to changes in basic methods that consume the Internet. People were first using the Internet and found a way to use the Internet, and then find the fact that you can finally be immersed in the last. In the process, the desktop and smart devices played a big role, and VR devices appeared to solve the terms of immersion.

Although it will not be the end to be the end, but even if ‘immersion’ is the main factor of Internet use, people still use smart devices and desktops to test the relevant content. The current VR device is so large and uncomfortable, and Dom Tait saw this is the process of evolution. He said that when the Internet is the need to be able to develop a device that can be easily developed as glasses, the Internet would be able to be able to develop the internet that is so immersed in the virtual world.

Let’s take the game as an example. Currently, huge quality games such as wild breath or Elder Ring are being released. But decades ago the beginning was a very simple system. At that time, there is a lot of companies that are currently regret because they do not invest in game development. Even though they were, they could not even imagine people to install games and play into it.

The same is true for the meta bus. Right now Mark Jackerberg should remember that he changed his mission and to have interest. I have to worry about what his final goal is.

■ Consumer VR

Dom Tait explained that the value of the VR market for consumer VR markets will increase by $ 16 billion to $ 16 billion to $ 16 billion to $ 16 billion.

After two years of dazzling dazzling, which was a huge attention, VR continued to step steadily to become a new wind. And as a recent meta’s enormous investment, VR is meeting the public at a higher accessibility and low price than ever. It is also a very positive response through the conversion of high performance devices.

According to the OMDIA, we are still smartphones that account for the largest proportion of devices used by Global Standards consumers in 2025, with PC and Media Stream, Smart TV, Tablet, Payment TV Set Top Box, Game Console It seems. VR is expected to occupy a position of about 1/4 of the console.

In addition, consumers with VR devices in the United States, England, Japan, Germany, and France are only 3 to 8%, 35-47% of the game consoles, compared to 78 ~ 87% of the desktop, It was found to be used.

Consumers want a more attractive and funny VR game, but due to these poor instruments, famous studios do not want to invest in VR games. Of course, there is a game that has a great success, such as Bit Saver or Half Life Alix.

However, the VR game market is more enrolled and eventually innovation of VR devices should be done together. If a device with a functional and portable device appears, more these will buy VR, and then more developers and critical interests can be attracted.

He said VR will still maintain a niche market for five years, but it will definitely played a very important role in the development of metabus. He also did not stop at the current value, and it would be clear for five years to be a clear gap consumer device.

■ Meta bus game

Meanwhile, the OMDIA he belongs was to identify and classify the elements necessary for metaverse generation and started a self-bus game benchmark from September 21, in September 21.

The game located in the top top of the collected series of information was aggregated with MineCraft, Port Knight, Roblock, Dreams, Core, and Zeppeto. In addition, there is also a Deadenterland, Horizon, and Second Life in the game to look at it.

Incording the top six games to aggregate scale, monetization, entertainment, interaction, and technology, the factors of five categories are largely used as standards.

In the case of scale, it was checked with the number of users, availability and scalability, and interoperability, and the income of the virtual world has economic and commerce, advertising, and other monetization models, and financial performance. Entertainment includes game elements, live events, other entertainment, interactions, including social, utilities, and personality, and finally, the technical sector was used as VR / AR / XR, other technology, and potential.

As a result of the score of six games by five categories, the total score of all areas has confirmed the total score of all areas, and the final number was 33.05 and the port night was 33.05. Roblocks have been ranked second in the slight difference, and the scores were scored in the order of Mine Craft, Jephto, Dreams and Core.

In the scale sector, in the scale division, in the scale division, in the MineCraft and Revenue Creates, Roblocks and Entertainment, Dreams, Interaction and Technology, accounted for the first place. In the case of Dreams and Core, it has yet to have a weakness compared to the four games in terms of scale, monetization, and interaction.

Naver Jerpetto received a total score as a whole, accounted for fourth in 26.39, and ranked 3rd in terms of interaction and revenue creation. However, in the case of interaction, the utility was very lacking compared to the social and identity of the social and identity.

Meanwhile, Jephto recorded a number of downloads of W127 million in Android and iOS App Store, as of the end of September, as of the end of September, and is the largest market, excluding China, Mexico and Korea have passed 5 million downloads, respectively. In addition, the total number of active users on September 20, the end of September was 1,4.6 million, and the items reported that were sold in Jephto until May 2020 were sold to more than 600 million.

Dom Tait needs numerous partnerships to properly operate the complex Web services of the metaverse, and companies with recent major digital assets are opening their doors to metaverse games. In fact, Roblocks are partnership with Sony Music, APM Music, Warner Brothers, BMG, and Port Knight, and Capcom, NFL, Hazbro, Marvel.

As a result of looking at the top six metaverse games, he said he recommends that developers combine the outstanding elements of each game and form the latest version of the meta bus. Port Knight’s interoperability, financial performance, live events, social, other technologies, and the number of users of MineCraft, availability, utility, VR / AR / XR, Dreams entertainment part, Core’s Potential, Jeppeto Identity, and Finally It is to learn Roboz’s game economy and other monetization models.

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