Highly rated jigsaw puzzle “Glass Masquerade Double Pack” Nintendo Switch version started domestic delivery. Just side glasses, Steam Popular Puzzle

Super Puzzle Pack | Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Publisher Soft Source started delivery of “ Glass Masquerade Double Pack ” for Nintendo Switch on March 24. The price is 2980 yen. Two popular puzzle games are set.

“Glass Masquerade” is a puzzle game with stained glass. The stained glass that is scattered and scattered is connected. As a format, puzzle stages are provided in each country around the world, and setting to complete stained glass around the world. The puzzles in each country are divided by difficulty, and if it is simple, the piece is large and difficult if it is difficult. Observe well, connect each glass, and complete the beautiful stained glass.

“Glass Masquerade” has a high degree of completion while rules are simple. Each puzzle is made beautiful, and the music that Nikitasevalnev’s hand is the spectacular and relaxation effect. Effects when moving the glass is beautifully enliven to a simple jigsaw puzzle experience that the sound and production is also beautiful and putting a piece.

This work was a game that could enjoy slowly without time limit. About 4100 reviews have been added to the first work “overwhelmingly popular”. The second work is about 2000 evaluations and is “very popular”. The “Glass Masquerade Double Pack” released this time is set. A total of more than 50 stages are provided. Stained glass puzzles are aligned from simple things to difficult ones. This work also exists, but the Nintendo Switch version is released domestically.

“Glass Masquerade Double Pack” Nintendo Switch version is being delivered from today. Steam and iOS / Android are also developed.

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