Netmarble added Street Fighter 5 Collaboration Contents on the 24th Action RPG Duck of Fighters All-Star (Ching of Fighter All Star).

This update rush and Chunri were added, including a collaboration fighter. Ryu retains the ridges of the Street Fighter 5 Fighter attack power by 65%. Chillie is a balanced fighter of a congregation, with a balanced fighter to use as a leader, 40% and 10%, respectively, the balanced fighter attack power and critical probability. Chillie can be obtained for free through event summons.

Street Fighter character reveals and god tier start for new players! King of Fighters All Star

She also has a passive skill that is reduced by 40% and the damage is reduced by 40% when the stamina is more than 50% and the physical strength is reduced by 10%.

Netmarble introduces a state-of-the-art street fighter popular character Aqua and M. Bison. In addition, the Street Fighter Collaboration Battle Card was released. Special battle cards increase attack power, active skill damage, and critical damage.

In addition, new content Dream Matches can have a capacity content that uses multiple fighters, regardless of the rating and specification, and can be captured between users. Participation in Daejeon can also obtain a variety of compensation.

Street Fighter Collaborator Rush Dungeon and Collaboration Guild Raid to complete the collaboration guild raid, you can get a higher reinforced hammer, ruby, and SFV Soul Random Box. In addition, a collaborative attendance, Lucky Chances Event, and a mini dungeon event.

For more information, see the King of Fighter All Star Official Community.

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