A mystery challenge that collects “a car trader Terry” in “Zeldas legendary breath of the wild”. Over four teries across the field

In the “ The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild “, it seems there are tackled user a strange challenge. When the contents of say, is the challenge of “the four Terry gather in one place.” Overseas media GamesRadar + and the like are reported.

Hawkers Terry, who appears in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild”. He is for the link, he is us to sell the wood of the arrow and materials in exchange for rupees. In addition to he who will purchased well as armor and materials that are no longer needed, and bring the beetles such as Ganbarikabuto and Tsurugikabuto, he us to exchange a special item. If complete the game, he is often NPC of opportunity that something become indebted.

And say whether the meet where in such Terry, it is possible to match the face in the Umayyad present in Hyrule around. Such as Riverside horse inn and Gerd Canyon Horse inn, but not us to buy and sell the item to stay at an inn of the country. And since it is hawkers, is a go episode convinced that is because the around the inn is the place to place. But, it is set on the story, of course. Not alone of Terry in the actual game is around the gurnard. That is, each of the respective accommodation, is not NPC Terry are arranged. Terry we have a lot to Hyrule.

Here is a question arises. Terry you are in a certain inn, what will happen if somehow brought together with other inn Terry is moved? Was challenged in this question is the ThornyFox Mr. YouTuber. We focus on the fact that there is Terry Kakuumayado, trying to challenge that will assemble four of Terry in one place.

However, whether to large set doing what Terry you are in a remote location. Of course, no other than get moving in the Terry itself. In and say how to move the Terry doing, no mean there is a surprise of the technique, there are single-mindedly steady efforts. When the link collides with Terry in the tackle, Terry per her Shirimochi, slightly knock back behind. By using this movement, Terry little by little, we will move little by little. It is a never-ending journey. Over the mountains beyond the field in the video, single-mindedly the figure of links to repeat the hit body to Terry has been projected. It seems to have come out to Arawaza that carry three people of Terry at the same time from the middle.

Thus, by the tireless efforts of Mr. ThornyFox, it was decided that four of Terry is collected. Or not shy each, or have emaciation, with or have fallen asleep, it is the appearance of the four-party four like to feel the fatigue of the long journey. Just because the same person is gathered, is not such or particularly distorted space-time, or released secret achievements. Each Terry, Gerd Canyon Umayyad, Umayyad of plain out, was brought Riverside horse inn, from horse inn of wetlands. To play one by one to two hours per day, that it has achieved the challenge in about cumulative 10 hours.

According to the ThornyFox said, NPC because not be Desupon by red moon, things that Kose also long journey without any problems. However, since that would be away from the reset position is a certain range from the NPC, there was a need to move all of Terry at the same time. The save and load, in order to and sandwich the teleport and dormant position of the NPC would be reset, Terry After resting in the bonfire is that had g1. By the way, the number was four people, a pattern was puns multiplied by a Terry of the name of the English version of the “Beedle” and “Beatles”.

By the way, challenge brought together a multiple of Terry is not the first attempt Mr. ThornyFox. Mr. drill Calamari of video contributors in the country have early brought together two people of Terry in 2018. In the video, “The hill may move a Terry across the NPC” are also introduced techniques such as. ThornyFox people who have been Only I am inspired to Mr., I want you to try with the aim of all Terry Complete all means the video reference.

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