How to pass fights in Koromon, explained

Coromon is a role-playing game with a tear of monsters, which draws inspiration from other games of this genre, in particular from the Pokémon series, and implements new ideas. This is especially true of a step-by-step combat system resembling Pokemon. It can make you wonder how the Coromon combat system works.

The main differences between the Coromon combat system from other games about the taming of monsters are to stamina system, types of only titanium skills and battle . These three things help distinguish a koromon from Pokemon fighting system.

Explanation of the Koromon fighting system

In Coromon, you use your Coromon’s skills that cost a certain amount of endurance . All movements share this stamina and do not have individual use. Strong movements, as a rule, require more endurance, while weaker movements are less. You have the opportunity to relax during the battle to restore the endurance of your koromon.

While Coromon has types of elements, some types in the game relate only to movements. . These elements are not represented by a koromon, but only the skills they use. This opens up your strategy to use in your own interests both your Coromon and the strengths of your skills.

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Titans are equivalent battles with bosses in Koromon. It is much more complicated and often requires a strong strategy and several Coromon. Titans have more HP and endurance than standard Coromon. They can also have special functions, such as phases or the ability to call backup.

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