Gaming graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA: buy advice and tips to choose from

In our special we want to offer you a purchase advice on the current graphics cards, in which we observe the price-performance ratio as a key point. But we also give some tips on topics such as the question of what a custom model is, as well as the dimensions of graphics cards, power supply and techniques of AMD and NVIDIA for more efficient graphics calculations. Let’s start with the question of what custom models are and what to say to the fans.

Reference and Custom Models as well as fans

AMD and Nvidia offer different graphics card rows. With “Series”, for example, we believe the AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT or RX 6800 or the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or RTX 3060. For every row, there are numerous models of the partners of AMD and Nvidia, such as Asus, Gainward, MSI, Palit or XFX, and usually also a reference model with a cooler design of AMD or NVIDIA and a reference clock for the GPU provided for this purpose. But in the market, however, clearly dominate the so-called Custommodelle of the partner manufacturers of AMD and Nvidia. These custom models often have a higher cycle than the reference models, which is also possible thanks to their own cooling solutions, which use between one and three fans according to the model. Therefore, the graphics card models are also, even though they come from the same graphics card series, different long, wide and high, even when it comes to models with AMD / NVIDIA reference clock.

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  1. Page 1Gaming graphics cards: Reference and Custommodelle
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  2. Page 2Gaming graphics cards: Length, width and height
    1. 2.1 length, width and height
  3. Page 3Gaming graphics cards: electricity requirements, DLSS and FSR
    1. 3.1Strom needs
    2. 3.1.1nvidias DLSS and DLAA and AMDS FSR and RSR
  4. Page 4Gaming graphics cards: Purchase advice with price-performance analysis
    1. 4.1 buyer consulting with price-performance analysis
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In the classification of the graphics card rows with respect to the power (later more), however, the reference model of a series and the reference clock provided by AMD or NVIDIA is always measured as a scale. With a set like “The AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT is about five percent faster than the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti” you mean the comparison of the reference models or two custom models with reference clock. In the actual blueprint, ie the question of how big the board is for the graphics card and where the components such as GPU, RAM, capacitors and so on, the manufacturers are up to a few small design changes to the reference models of AMD and NVIDIA.

It can ever happen that a manufacturer places a little differently the RAM blocks or a capacitor, because it keeps it for its cooling solution for better or easier. Therefore, each model from a series like the AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT is accurately fast with identical GPU cycle, whether it is a custom model of for example ASUS, MSI or XFX. If the card clocks higher than the reference template, you can expect a maximum of a FPS plus in a similar dimension. 10 percent more cycle are up to 10 percent more FPS.

Attention: Some manufacturers absolutely want to achieve particularly low temperatures, as well as the low values ​​can be used to advertise – but this can make sure that the fans even turn loudly with little load. Here you can intervene as a user with tools at the fan curve. The card will then warmer, but you have enough scope thanks to the “cooling” manufacturer. In individual cases, inform you which temperature is critical in your graphics card or GPU, and adjusts the fan curve.

Page 1 Gaming Graphics Cards: Reference and Custom Models

Page 2 Gaming graphics cards: length, width and height

Page 3 Gaming graphics cards: electricity requirements, DLSS and FSR

Page 4 Gaming Graphics Cards: Kaufberatung with value for money

Page 5Pictures Gallery for graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA: buy advice and selection tips

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