Grand Theft Auto V: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Shortly after the publication on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S offers GTA Online Extra rewards for anyone who wants to bring their vehicles to the latest console generation: there are triple GTA $ & RP in HSW time races and double rewards in the HSW race series.

In addition, all GTA online players receive duplicate GTA $ for Madrazo contact missions and in the opponent mode Double Down with Franklin and Lamar.

The highlights of the week:

  • Triple GTA $ and RP in HSW time races – including 750,000 GTA $ as a bonus for successful completion
  • Double GTA and RP in the HSW race series
  • Haos Premium Test Vehicle : Coil Cyclone II
  • Double GTA and RP in Double Down and Madrazo Contact Missions
  • The Pegassi Torero is the main prize of the week on the fortune wheel
  • Price vehicle and -heraus demand : ends in two tracking races in the top 5 to win the superiority Sentinel XS – and then tune him at Hao to an absolute top vehicle

  • Discounts : 30% on the Dinka RT3000, the Pegassi Reaper, the Pfister Neon and the Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire, 25% on the Annis ZR350 and Karin Calico GTF, as well as 20% on the Pfister Comet S2

  • Test vehicles in the LS CAR Meet: Annis ZR350, Karin Calico GTF, Pfister Comet S2
  • Prime Gaming Bonuses : 100,000 GTA $ as a bonus for those who play this week

All the details of the contents of the week can be found on the Rockstar Newswire.

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