Tokyo can take too much to take a walk! “Ghostwire: TOKYO” New Action by Shinji Sanami Action ADV-A piece of satisfaction with all the battle, production and world view [play report]

Bethesda Softworks launched the new action adventure “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO ” for PC / PS5.

This work is responsible for developing Tango Gameworks, who is known by Shinji Mikami known for the “Biohazard” series. A story in the city of Tokyo and the spirit of the buddy “KK” cooperating and confronting the incident on the stage of the city of Tokyo and the spirit of the partner’s spirit “KK” cooperated on the stage of Tokyo’s city that human beings disappeared and the monster is likely to disappear and the monsters Will be drawn.

In this paper, we will deliver the play report of “Ghostwire: Tokyo”, which has finally been released since it was announced in 2019. In addition, I am playing with Ray Tracing and DLSS in the PC (STeam) version.

# Challenge “Large-scale loss incident” that attacks Tokyo with “Two-Japan”!

The story of this work starts with the Shibuya scramble intersection, also called “the intersections of the world’s most people”. The protagonist ‘s “” causes a traffic accident near the intersection and is falling in dying. As such a carer, he has taken a breath that he has taken the spirit of the detective “KK” who was following a strange case.

An incident occurs that a person wrapped in “fog” in Shibuya, which is likely to get rid of the body and resisting the body, and the person wrapped in “fog” will disappear. The Miste wrapped in the fog was safe because it was obsessed with KK, but Shibuya, who has become unatimy, will transform into a city where a spooky monster is crawling.

Under such circumstances, the person in the city appeared “only to salvage people” and the person of the Young side appeared. General Youngs seem to be able to achieve some purpose, so it seems that the spirit of the lost people is collected. After that, His sister and Mari will be hospitalized by his sister and Mari while renting KK’s power with the power that can counter the monster, but Mari will be taken as part of the unusual plan.

The purpose of KK solves this incident and prevents the ambition of the general young. The purpose of the carer is to repeat his sister and Mari safely from the general young young. In this way, two people matching “Kill the General Your Your Your Luck” for each purpose will be the existence of “twilight” and will face the monster involved in Tokyo.

So far, the introduction of the story. It is very excited to be able to make a hand-made hot royal road development that two people together for the purpose of defeating the crazy of the case, the purpose of defeating the commitment of the case, which is resurrected by the mysterious spirit to be used from the dying state. KK , which is finally named just before becoming a “twilight”, it is also very promise. The relationship between these two people is a must-see.

# “Cool” Action!

The monster “Malevit” appearing in this work is a spooky series that mochizes monsters, ghosts and urban legends. By connecting to KK, the force of the element “ether shot” becomes available and can be tied to them.

The ether shot is superior to the quickness of attack, “fire”, “fire” that is excellent in range and penetration, 3 attributes of “water” with excellent range and power. Each shot is the number of bullets, defeating the enemy or destroying “ether crystal” with the map and can be refilled. In addition, “bow and arrow” and “tag” etc. will also be available because the story progresses.

In addition, protection such as guard and disabled justguard to reduce damage from the enemy is also important. The reduced strength can be recovered by consuming food that can be picked and purchased in the map. By the way, the main character of “Two-thereaway” can also eat food in the underworld, and it is possible to temporarily boost his ability. It is delicious, “Seika” and “Sakai Green tea” of the underworld.

The combat system that takes care of the monster while tying marks is excited. In particular, it is a very fancy production that stabbing to Malevites Personally, I am glad that the gesture that cools down the hand of ether that the end of the ether remains after the end of the battle.

You can also earn skills by obtaining experience with experience points in combat or quest. Since there are various effects such as time reduction such as attack characteristics and core extraction, increase in possession items, some of their own development can be freely free. It is very refreshing if the strategy is decided by acquiring the skills to increase the core exposure time of the malebite and decide.

# It’s too fun to be able to explore the town three-dimensionally!

The game stage is the time of the start of most areas at the start of the mysterious mist. The fog is a so-called entry-prohibited area, and by purifying “Toriya” in the area, it is a form that the mist is fine and the area is released. There is also a subquest requested from the land-bound spirit etc. for each map.

In addition, people who touched the mist in this case in the city are crawling. The carer can use “the chunky” to collect this spirit of soul and escape to a safe place through a public telephone type installed in each place to earn experience values. There are also many souls that are captured, but this is careful as malebits are protected.

In addition to that, various objects are placed such as “Utitsu”, which will increase the amount of money, item, and ether shot ammunition. Using “Imperial Visiting” is a nice part that does not feel stressed to search because the positions such as short and malebates are displayed.

And there are stereoscopic search funny for the very recommended part of this work. The carman can graph to the air ‘Tengu’ and has the ability to smooth the air for a certain period of time. It is also excellent in the level of climbing the steps, and it is possible to fly from the building in the city to the building if you make full use of each capabilities. Many places are hidden for souls and items, and it is a very good impression that it is a map design that is aware of the search.

Japan may be a stage, and it is also a nice part that the atmosphere of the city that wants to say “some” and saying “there is a certain”. Battle and directing are funny and fun, but it is a very favorite as a fun game more than anything to take.

# The strange part of the story

This work is a spooky image rather than the whole game is horror. But the quests and their amazing horror effects are also surprising. It is also a favorite part of the person who is superior to the world view in a fine part, such as a conversation scene, such as a small scene.

GHOSTWIRE TOKYO Full Movie Cinematic (2022) 4K ULTRA HD Action Fantasy
Above all, the production of the “Easy” scene that appears in the various scenes of the game, such as the purification of Torii. It will be very excited in the most part of the attraction that seems to be cool that I feel in the whole game.

After the shopping is finished, KK is the most boring of the waiting time, and the conversation that makes the characteristic that the characteristic is also attractive, such as hitting the mouth. However, I think it is very excellent for sound production, such as the sparrow of the spirit and the voice of Malevites. The voice when Tengu is flying nearby is a little loud and laughing.

In the “Ghostwire: TOKYO-Prelude”, which is the previous day, various elements appearing in the main story appeared. It is a short piece, but it may have various discoveries when playing. In the subquest of the main story, if you look at KK’s strangely friendly KK’s spirit, you will be naughty as “It’s a prelude,” and it will be a naughty.

“Ghostwire: TOKYO” introduced here. It is a work that is highly level in all respects, such as royal road development that can be said to be the “buddy thing” of the car and KK and the unique world view of various monsters, and the city of Japan that has been reproduced. A battle that can enjoy flashy production is also playing, and you can enjoy it while thinking that “These are cool!”

Above all, I want you to enjoy in this work three-dimensional search part. Of course you take a walk slowly in the city, you can enjoy it enough to fly around with the gimmicks in the map. Within the released area, it is very attractive to be able to depress almost all places from the beginning.

“GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” is for Standard Edition / Deluxe Edition for PC / PS5. The last day “Ghostwire: Tokyo-Prelude” is being distributed for PC / PS5 / PS4.

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