National team: Flick warns Schlotterbeck after arrogance attack

Nico Schlotterbeck was able to be more than just satisfied with his debut in the German football national team – until reflection time.

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Then the Freiburg “a little arrogance attack”, as Rio world champion by Mertesacker said in “ZDF”, and caused a completely superfluous foul feet. That goalkeeper Kevin Trapp parished this, did not change the fact that national coach Hansi Flick took the defender immediately after closing whistle.

“Nico and I talked about the situation, he has seen that clearly as we – that’s a good step,” said Flick. Schlotterbeck must “learn from it. These are things that can be fatal at a world championship in the 90th minute. At this level you have to be fully concentrated for 90 minutes and must not make any mistakes.” After all, to his lapsus “he made it very, very well,” said Flick.

That also saw the former defender Mertesacker so praised the Schlotterbeck for his mind. And the debutant itself? “Arrogance attack I would not say,” he stressed, “that was just bad, an unconcentricity, that must not happen to me. I have to thank Kevin, so it’s gone to me.”

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