Breath of the Wild 2: Nintendo moves Zelda

No new “Mario Kart”, no fresh “Super Mario”, yet 2022 could have become the highlight for Nintendo fans. Actually, the successor to “Breath of the Wild” should appear for the Nintendo Switch this year. But this is nothing. The bad customer brings Eiji Aonuma, Nintendo’s senior developer of the “Zelda” series, via Twitter.

Zelda only in spring 2023

Breath of the Wild 2 - NEW Footage Analysis!

Although Nintendo had announced before publishing the game 2022, but now decided to change the appointment. Instead of the following year, the successor of the switch hits should appear only in the spring of 2023. Fans have to be patient for another year. The waiting time should be worthwhile: Nintendo wants to use them to make the gaming “to something special,” says aonuma. He apologizes to all who were already looking forward to the publication this year.

After the apology, Aonuma repeats again, which is already known about “Breath of the Wild 2” – only in the event that they had forgotten what they were looking forward to. In the new part Nintendo expands the game world. Gamers can now also explore the airspace through Hyrule and are allowed to look forward to new attacks and other gameplay elements.

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