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Update 10:15 clock
Was it this with today’s PS5 sale at Amazon? The bundle, consisting of the PlayStation 5 Disc Edition and the PS5 game Horizon Forbidden West for 572.14 euros was available for about 20 minutes, and again and again came to server problems. Since on the PS5 overview page was briefly stated at the PS5 of the regular price (499.99 euros), we suspected that Amazon will sell the solo console afterwards. Finally, this offer had appeared yesterday the prime notice that “announced” a nearby Amazon sale. Ultimately, it came from 09:05 clock to the PS5-drop, only the PlayStation 5 bundle with the Action-RPG of Guerrilla Games.

PS5 raffle: 3x PlayStation 5 win

Whether you can buy the PS5 again today? This is unlikely from minute to minute. Of course, there is often several drops of multiple offers on an “Amazon Wednesday”, but these are usually in the distance of a few minutes. If you want to keep an eye on – as we – as we – Amazon today, then we will certainly not advise you. But we can not spreading too much hopes for a new sales window.

We congratulate everyone who could buy a PS5 today at Amazon and are pleased to have assisted. And all others say: That will not have been the last PS5-drop – we’ll keep you on the Running!

PS5 buy at Amazon

  • Sony Playstation 5 Disc Edition at Amazon
  • PS5 overview page at Amazon
  • PS5 controller at Amazon
  • PS5 games at Amazon
  • PS5-compatible SSDs at Amazon

Update 09:30
The bundle with Horizon Forbidden West is no longer available for the time being. Now it seems to continue with the individual PS5 – at least on the overview page shortly the price was the price.

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Update 9:05
The time has come: You can now buy the PS5 at Amazon, the online dealer has just started the PlayStation 5-sales. First, the PS5 Disc Edition + Horizon Forbidden West is sold for 572.14 euros. Uses our direct links to get and order immediately. Much luck!

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Original message
Today you will finally be able to buy the PS5 again at Amazon. Experience has shown that the PlayStation starts 5-sale at Amazon between 9 and 11 o’clock. How long you have the opportunity to order a PS5 depends on the sales volume. The past shows that if Amazon sells PS5, then in larger quantities of 10,000 to 20,000 consoles. The last Amazon sale was on January 19, so lies back for two months. The chance to get the most advanced Sony console was not as big as today. Uses our direct links!

PS5 sale at Amazon – what should you note?

  • Prime member: “Prime members have prior access to the PlayStation 5” stands since last night on the PS5 product page at Amazon. In the plain text: Without Prime Membership (30 Days Prime Free Testing Free Testing) Go Your Opportunities to buy a PS5 today at Amazon, against zero.
  • Punctually on the calculator: It does not hurt to position themselves from 08:30 in front of the computer and have the PS5 product page in Amazon.
  • Cool head preserve: For a PS5 sales, everything can happen. Demand will be huge and even with an online giant like Amazon can / will come to error messages. Do not frustrate from it, just try it on. If you do not make it to put the PS5 in the shopping cart, then try to put the PS5 Add to wishlist and to buggle over this detour into the shopping cart.
  • LUCK: If you have anything or someone who brings you luck, then use it / she / it…

PC Games wishes all who are trying to buy a PS5 today at Amazon today – and we keep you up to date by updates in this article!

PS5 buy: Beware of fake sellers at Amazon

Did you have encountered a very attractive-sounding PS5 offer on the Amazon Marketplace, where a dealer with almost 100 percent positive reviews offers a PlayStation 5 “used – such as new” for 470 or 550 euros? Watch out, trap! This is demonstrably a cheater, which, as we have recently, has hacked the Amazon account of a mustard dealer. This mustard dealer advises on demand urgent, no orders or cancel immediately if you have already ordered. Under no circumstances should you, as desired by the fake dealer, transfer the money directly and outside of Amazon. The mustard dealer, after learning from the hack, has now turned immediately to Amazon. We hope that Amazon pulls the scammers as soon as possible the plug.

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PS Plus Extra: “Game Pass” revealed for PS4 / PS5

Yesterday, the mystery was first “Project Spartacus”, then “PS Plus Neo”. Forget these words quickly, because Sony’s “Game Pass” for PS4 / PS5 is officially called PlayStation Plus extra. There are several tariffs that allow access to a games catalog with over 700 titles from a wide variety of PlayStation generations. All information about PS Plus Extra can be found here.

New Games in Test: Ghostwire Toyko & Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

We know that not only PC Games rusters are pursuing us, but also encounter many people on our article series, which want to find out via Google search, where you can buy a PS5. For this white we shortly on two current games tests: Our PCG-Kollen tested the latest work of the Evil Within maker around Resident Evil-Inventor Shinji Mikami. The PCG test by Ghostwire Tokyo read here. Exclusively at Amazon, there is the PS4 / PS5 horror adventure with Metal Plate. Also recently published and already in the PCG test is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands of Gearbox. Again, there is an exclusive edition at Amazon – only in the online retailer you get the PS4 or PS5 version with SteelBook.

PS5 buy: The best PlayStation 5 offers from Amazon

  • Steering wheels for Gran Turismo 7 from 104.99 euros
  • DUALSENSE COSMIC RED + GRAN TURISMO 7 for 140.98 Euro ~~ (149.99 €) ~~
  • DUALSENSE PS5 controller (new colors) for 67.99 euros ~~ (74.99 €) ~~
  • Sony Pulse 3D Wireless PS5 headset for 92.99 euros ~~ (99.99 €) ~~
  • PS5 Console Cover Midnight Black & Cosmic Red From 44,26 Euro ~~ (56,99 €) ~~
  • Elden ring for PS5 from 59.99 euros ~~ (67.99 €) ~~
  • Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 59.99 Euro ~~ (79.99 €) ~~
  • Horizon Forbidden West Collectors Edition PS4 / PS5 for 215.99 euros ~~ (229.99 €) ~~
  • Check availability: PS5 Disc Edition with Horizon Forbidden West
  • Check availability: PS5 Disc Edition with Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart
  • Check availability: PlayStation 5 Disc Edition

* Check availability: Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
* PS5 console overview

Check availability of the PS5 at Amazon

What do you consider when buying a French PS5?

It has already spoken around: In the United Kingdom, where most PS5 drops take place in the European comparison, you have another power plug. A British PS5 could be operated in this country only with high quality (!) Power Adapter. But what about our French neighbors? Bien! All right then. In France, one uses the same “Eurostecker” as in Germany. A PlayStation 5 ordered in France (Buy Now 900,00 €) can thus be easily operated in Germany.

PS5 raffle: 3x PlayStation 5 win

Apple TV + on PS5: six months free trial subscription

PS5 owners have the opportunity until July 22nd to complete a six-month free trial for the streaming service Apple TV +. After the probation phase, the subscription will be extended by 4.99 euros / month to termination. Anyone who has just used a free trial or has already completed a paid subscription, which can take this offer. For PS4 owners there is a similar offer with three monthly free trial phase. For Apple TV +, there are only exclusive content that does not exist anywhere else.

Solves the offer:

  1. Download Apple TV app (via the search function or in the media home area under “All apps”), open and follow the instructions on the screen
  2. Use the Apple ID to log in or create an Apple ID if you have none yet

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is available at Amazon with exclusive Steelbook. Source: Amazon

PS5 games novelties at a glance

  • Cyberpunk 2077 33,99 Euro ~~(39,99€)~~
  • Dying Light 2 Stay Human (AT-PEGI) 59 Euro ~~(69€)~~
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione 39,99 Euro
  • Edge of Eternity 39,99 Euro
  • Elex 2 49,99 Euro ~~(57,99€)~~
  • Martha is Dead 26,99 Euro ~~(29,99€)~~
  • Monark 59,99 Euro
  • Horizon Forbidden West 63,35 Euro ~~(79,99€)~~
  • Elden Ring 59,99 Euro ~~(67,99€)~~
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo Metal Plate Edition 69,99 Euro
  • Gran Turismo 7 69,99 Euro ~~(74,99€)~~
  • Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition 99,99 Euro
  • GRID Legends 59,99 Euro ~~(69,99€)~~
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Next Level Edition mit Steelbook 74,99 Euro
  • WWE 2K22 53,39 Euro ~~(74,95€)~~
  • 29. März: Crusader Kings III Day One Edition 49,99 Euro
  • 29. März: In Nightmare 19,99 Euro
  • 5. April: LEGO Star Wars: Die Skywalker Saga 59,99 Euro
  • 3. Mai: SIFU Vengeance Edition 49,99 Euro
  • 13. Mai: Evil Dead: The Game 39,99 Euro
  • 26. Mai: The Ascent: Cyber Edition 59,99 Euro
  • 10. Juni: The Quarry 74,99 Euro

Meistverkaufte PS5-Neuerscheinungen bei Amazon

Klicken und sparen:LG OLED TV kaufen: Top-Fernseher von 2021 zum halben Preis bei Amazon (48, 65 & 77 Zoll)

Wie steigere ich meine Chancen auf eine PS5?

Viele Möglichkeiten hat man nicht, seine Chancen zu erhöhen, regulär eine PS5 kaufen zu können – aber ein paar Optionen gibt es. Bei Amazon hilft eine Prime-Mitgliedschaft enorm, denn im Prinzip hat man beim Online-Riesen nur nur als Prime-Kunde eine Chance auf eine Playstation 5. Amazon Prime lässt sich 30 Tage lang kostenlos testen. Studenten und Azubis erhalten die ersten 6 Monate gratis und bekommen danach 50% Rabatt. Lässt sich die PS5 bei Amazon kaufen, dann meistens zwischen 9:30 Uhr und 11:30 Uhr. Eine weitere Möglichkeit, seinen Chancen auf eine PS5 zu erhöhen ist die Registrierung bei Playstation Direct. Wird man ausgewählt, erhält man eine E-Mail mit Anweisungen, wo und wie man die PS5 bevorzugt bestellen kann. Wir drücken euch die Daumen!

Klicken und sparen:LG OLED TV & Samsung QLED (2021) – Super-Fernseher für PS5 mit Rabatten bis zu 2.450 Euro

So klappt der PS5-Kauf bei Amazon

  • Falls noch nicht geschehen, Amazon Prime-Kunde werden. Ohne Prime-Mitgliedschaft hat man derzeit praktisch keine Chance.
  • Ab 09:30 die PS5-Angebotsseiten bei Amazon im Blick behalten. Der Verkauf findet meistens zwischen 09:30 Uhr und 11:30 Uhr statt
  • Lässt sich die PS5 kaufen, dann so schnell wie möglich den Kauf abschließen
  • Bei Fehlermeldungen (aufgrund einer Serverüberlastung bei Amazon) das Fenster NICHT schließen, sondern auf den “Zurück”-Button klicken und es nochmals versuchen

PS5-Gewinnspiel: Telekom verlost 3x Playstation 5

Bekanntlich ist es derzeit sehr schwierig, bei Amazon, Media Markt und Co. eine PS5 zu kaufen. Wie wäre es da, eine Playstation 5 zu gewinnen? Die Telekom verlost drei mal die Playstation 5 Digital Edition. Wer an dem Gewinnspiel teilnehmen will muss mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein. Noch bis zum 10. April hat man Zeit fürs Mitmachen. Gewinner werden per E-Mail oder Telefon kontaktiert. Wir wünschen allen Teilnehmern viel Glück!

PS5 mit Strom/Gasvertrag lieferbar – jetzt 50 Euro sparen!

Wer eine PS5 kaufen und nicht auf den nächsten Playstation 5-Drop bei Media Markt, Amazon oder Euronics warten will, der muss manchmal auch Plan B in Betracht ziehen. Oder Plan “E – wie einfach”. So heißt ein Energieanbieter, bei dem man ein Playstation 5-Bundle in Kombination mit einem Strom- oder Gas-Tarif mit 24 Monaten Preisgarantie bestellen kann. Man erhält zusätzlich zu einer PS5 Disc Edition das PS5-Spiel Horizon Forbidden West sowie ein Jahres-Abo Playstation Plus. Bisher musste man für das PS5-Bundle im Wert von rund 640 Euro eine einmalige Zuzahlung von 349 Euro leisten. Doch jetzt hat E wie einfach den Preis um satte 50 Euro auf 299 Euro gesenkt. Die Lieferzeit des PS5-Bundles beträgt laut Anbieter 14 Tage nach Vertragsbestätigung und geleisteter Prämienzahlung. Wer sich für das PS5-Angebot von E wie einfach interessiert, kann sich beim Energieanbieter anhand seines Jahresverbrauches den Strompreis berechnen lassen.

Gran Turismo 7 im PCG-Test

Gran Turismo 7 erscheint am 4. März in einer schicken 25th Anniversary Edition mit zahlreichen Zusatzinhalten. Quelle: Amazon

Even if IMPC Games Test of Gran Turismo 7 has not quite enough for the highest rating, Gran Turismo 7 has become a very good and, above all, a very nice game. The new PlayStation Racer becomes the 25-year-old Birthday of the Gran Turismo series of Polyphony Digital Chef and SCE Vice President Kazunori Yamauchi fully meets justice. There is also a noble Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition for this anniversary at Amazon, Media Markt & Co. next to the GT7 Standard Edition. In addition to the game disc, this offers a steelbook case, the soundtrack, 1,100,000 credits in the game and a lot more. Also a download code for the PS4 version of Gran Turismo 7 is included.

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Gran Turismo 7 incl. Buy pre-order bonus

  • Gran Turismo 7 PS4 at Amazon
  • Gran Turismo 7 PS5 at Amazon
  • Gran Turismo 7 PS5 25th Anniversary Edition at Amazon
  • GT7 + PS5 DualSense Controller Cosmic Red at Amazon

  • Gran Turismo 7 PS4 at Saturn

  • Gran Turismo 7 PS5 at Saturn
  • Gran Turismo 7 PS5 25th Anniversary Edition at Saturn

Gran Turismo 7 in the PCG test video

10/10 with us test: Elden Ring has become a masterpiece

Elden Ring appears on 25 February for PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S.
Source: Bandai Namco

Elden Ring appeared and the action role-playing game of From Software and George R. R. Martin has cleared the highest rating in the large Elden Ring-Test including Test video. Internally, the review also exceeded the review, with Metacrit, Elden Ring is on average at 97/100. Currently, the attractive Launch Edition at Amazon is sold out, but with Media Markt and Saturn it is still available (while stocks last).
The Elden Ring Launch Edition includes next to the game on disc (on PC only download code in the box) numerous goodies like posters, type cards, stickers, patches, but also digital additional content.

  • Elden Ring Launch Edition at Amazon
  • Elden Ring Launch Edition at Media Market
  • Elden Ring Launch Edition at Saturn

Horizon Forbidden West in PCG test: Great, but not perfect

The Action RPG of Guerrilla Games, successor to Horizon Zero Dawn, has convinced our testers fully, but therefore comes with some quirks. On the have side, e.g. a beautiful graphic, an exciting main quest as well as improved nacusts. Weaknesses Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 and PS5, on the other hand, has in the control, camera guide and the Ki. The complete PCG test of Horizon Forbidden West is available here.

Horizon Forbidden West (PS4 / PS5) at Amazon

  • Horizon Forbidden West PS4 – Standard Edition (free upgrade to PS5)
  • Horizon Forbidden West PS5 – Standard Edition
  • Horizon Forbidden West PS4 / PS5 – Special Edition (excluding Amazon)
  • Horizon Forbidden West PS4 / PS5 – Collector’s Edition

Buy Horizon Forbidden West PS4 / PS5 at Amazon

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