The president of the Ahn, Cheol-Soo, said that the chairman of the President of the Prime Minister Yoon Suk-yeol said he said to the executive officer.

Ahn, Cheol-soo Open the reporter’s conference in the Laborator Room in Seoul Jongno-dong, Seoul, said, “The next government’s blueprint, which draws a good picture and direction, and then do not participate in the ministry directly, I told him to make it more helping to catch the direction. “

Partygate: No fine for PM yet
Then, “There is a lot more than I thought to have a chance to plan and expand the things that I have been dreaming of now until now, and I have been much more rewarding than I thought, “He added.

After the candidate unification, the first time the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was devoted to the chairperson of the acquisition,

The chairman said, “I was not appropriate to move the story of the two people,” I could see that “I do not want to move the story of the two people” and I was wondering. “

He also said, “It is not” and “I do not want to say,” I am a good person who is really a good person in the direction of my national administration, I said, “he said.

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