Diablo 4 Dev Update talks about more than 150 dungeons generated procedurally

With everything that happened with Sales and Legal Blizzard Activision, it’s easy to forget that the company still has a number of video games in development. Indeed, titles like Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 are still very busy, even though unparcence within the company have quite clearly impacted the development cycles, and especially the employees who work there.

It is for Diablo IV that Blizzard provided a new update. An official blog article breaks down the environments of the game and how they are created. It is a thorough and interesting reading – mainly because the expected sequence is much larger than its predecessors, bringing the Action RPG brand to heavy loot of Diablo in an open world.

NEW DIABLO 4 Huge Breakdown of the Open World & Dungeons |QUARTERLY UPDATE—MARCH 2022

The main topic here is that Diablo IV is actually divided into five distinct regions, with more than 150 donjons generated processed processed through them. These dungeons have dynamic meteorological and lighting systems, as well as many finer details that should help differentiate each location. All this seems quite ambitious – especially for Diablo – but we will obviously have to wait and see how all this will take place. It will take a while until it is ready for a PlayStation exit.

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