Discord has fallen without explanation [Update]

Update: Fortunately, it seems that today’s discord interruption will not cause problems for a long time. In a solution that only took a few minutes, Discord has reported since then that any server and communication problem that has occurred this afternoon has already been resolved. The Discord status page now indicates “all operating systems”, which means that now should be able to use the application normally. Hopefully, the future struggles for which Discord could pass can be as brief as the interruption that occurred during the afternoon.

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The Chat application on the Internet Discord is currently inactive for several users. In the last hour, Discord began to fail for many users on the Internet that reported on social networks that several servers and chat functions could no longer be accessed. This is not the first time an interruption of discord is happening like this, but for the moment, the reason behind the problem has not really been detailed.

Given the sudden nature of this interruption, those who work in Discord have only provided a small update on the problem. “We are currently investigating the difficulties of connection / sending messages,” said a message at Discord. website. However, the application failure is something that has only occurred in the last minutes (at the time of writing this article), so it is logical that the company is currently investigating the problem.

In the past, the interruptions of this nature with Discord did not usually last a lot. Just a few weeks ago, another interruption of the server of this type ended up occurring for a while. Fortunately, those of Discord could rectify the problem within one time. As such, it seems likely that today’s interruption either ends up last.

Have you affected today’s last interruption with Discord? Or did it never lose connectivity in the first place? Let me know in the comments or you can communicate with me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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