Signed partnership with ZEP, MetaPi Clay Kingdom

ZEP (Representative Kim Won Bae) has established a partnership with Clay Kingdom and has signed a strategic work agreement for various utilization and expansion of the metaverse ecosystem.

‘Clay King’ is a Clayton’s first metafi project that was created tightly with ZEP. It is a form that is designed based on ZEP, as well as ZEP.

MetaFi is a concept that combines the DEX of DEFI (DEFI) elements in a metaverse-based game, a game and a non-fungible token (DEX), NFT (non-fungible token), and DEFI.

MetaPi Project ‘Clay Kingdom’ was designed in the form of a dot art fantasy game. As well as token swap functions, it is provided as a Diffie (DEFI) service that can supply virtual monetary fluidity in the game and compensate for virtual monetary fluidity, and can be subjected to additional interest farming through staking.

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The ZEP, which holds the metabus operational know-how, is expected to have a dominance in the same development and service quality, as soon as the partnership is concluded at the same time as the supercat. It is also considered that by 50,000 people can connect with a ZEP-based meta-pie, one space can be connected at the same time.

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