NBA: Doncic outsourced! Dallas Stops Giannis and defeated the Bucks in Milwaukee

The Dallas Mavericks have set an exclamation point before the upcoming playoff start and defeated the Milwaukee Bucks in a highly competitive game with 118: 112. Luka Doncic was with 32 points and 15 assists the best man in the parquet.

Luka Doncic Drops 32 Points AND 15 Assists Against the Bucks - Mavericks vs Bucks Reaction

Milwaukee Bucks (48-30) – Dallas Mavericks (49-30) 112: 118 (Boxscore)

With the victory, the Mavericks back to half a game to the Golden State Warriors and the third place of Western Conference, Milwaukee slips behind the Boston Celtics on the third place in the East.

Doncic met 9/22 of his margins, conducted a superior openness of the MAVs with his passports and found again and again in a short time answers to the tactical changes of the Bucks. Milwaukee relied right at the beginning of his typical drop-shining and attacked Doncic outside, but found hardly success, because the MAVs brought the ball around the defense under the ring, often to Dwight Powell (22, 8/10 FG, 13 rebounds).

When the Bigs of the Bucks dropped back further, the MAVs punished this from the triple line (16/38, 42.1 percent). Dallas made only 12 turnover and met 51.3 percent out of the field, and they did not allow a single point of the Bucks in FastBreak. The MAVs also had a clear overhand at the free-wurflinia (24/27 compared to 13/18).

Giannis Antetokounmpo led the Bucks with 28 points (12/22 FG) and 10 rebounds, but distributed only 2 assists. Jrue Holiday scored 11 of its 20 points (5/8 3P) in the first quarter and came to 9 assists, just like Khris Middleton. Middleton, however, had little worm success (3/14 FG) and only scored 11 points. Also Wesley Matthews (2 points, 0/4) and George Hill (0, 0/3) remained pale. This also handed the support of Bobby Portis (17, 3/6 3P) and Pat Connaughton (12, 3/7 3P) from the bench not for the Bucks.

On the other side, all starters and Spencer Dinwiddie, who achieved all his 11 points (3/4 threesome) in the first quarter, came on Double Digits. Reggie Bullock convinced with 16 points (3/6 threesome) and stood like Dorian Finney-Smith (11, 1 / 3P) and Doncic nearly 40 minutes on the floor. Davis Bertan played almost 17 minutes in the absence of Maxi glue and was the only MAV reserved to a positive plus / minus (+11).

Mavericks: Doncic and Powell dominate in conjunction

No team was able to settle for more than ten points in the complete gameplay, the leadership changed seven times. The Bucks met their first three triples and grabbed the first leadership, but from the two sector was little for Milwaukee at the beginning. The MAVs picked up again until the home team decided another four threes in almost two minutes and decided the first section with 33:25 for themselves.

At Dallas, the interaction between Doncic and Powell (4/4 FG) worked, among other things, because Powell’s opponent antetokounmpo held something back after a fast first foul.

As strong the Bucks first benefited from the threesome (8/14) the worm success was missing. Only 1/10 litters of Downtown found their goal in the second quarter, where Dallas took the lead with a 10-0 run shortly before the break and brought them into the break (57:55). An exciting tactical component: As soon as the Bucks wanted to attack Bertan as a defender, Dallas doubled the ball handler and went so specifically in rotation to create better matchups for themselves.

The Duo Doncic / Powell also provided a good start in the third quarter (9: 2) of the MAVs. However, at the middle of the neighborhood, the Bucks countered by Antetokounmpo, which alternately thanked the basket and met from the middle distance, with 14 points in a row. Dallas then switched immediately after four ice cold minutes to full heat and sank his next five throws (three threesome) to take a lead from 90:87 to the last 12 minutes.

The MAVs started a little bit into the last section, which returned to the field after three spotless minutes, a little earlier than usual. What followed? A faster 10: 2-run by Dallas and a timeout of the bucks. After Antetokounmpo had no success before the timeout as a direct opponent of Doncic, Holiday took over again.

Milwaukee came back with five fast points, but then the Bucks donated the MAVs through two stupid fouls four simple counters from the freezer. Bullock took Dallas with just four minutes to play a double-digit lead, Milwaukee awarded six field tribes in a row. The game was decided, even if it made the MAVs with a few turnover in the final minute again exciting.

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