Postcard 4: No Regers premieres trailer, date its launch and also assurance years and also years of web content

Running With Scissors stresses its missive that this is not the end of the SHOOTER support, stating that it will be expanded for years. Yes: New weapons, secondary goals, efficiency improvements, visuals updates and also the disembarkation of Cooperative Multiplayer .

It has actually been a journey to be beforehand access . Your support has been incredible, as well as we are happy for your persistence for the lengthy wait among the most recent updates. With luck, since all central systems are instead, We assume that the spots will certainly get here extra regularly, “make sure those accountable for the videogame with a declaration in Heavy steam.

On April 20 it will come accompanied by brand-new web content, improvements as well as functions , highlighting the addition of pick-yer-dude, with the return of Rick Seeker as well as Corey Cruise Ship with Jon St. John (Battle Each Other Nukem) as the voice Default of The Postal Man. Improved graphics, revised mapping systems, new radio terminals as well as much, much more, will certainly be readily available at 4: No Remorses from the date indicated.

After 2 and also a half years beforehand access, Running with Scissors the other day validated the release of Version 1.0 4: No Regers in computer stores (Steam, Gog and Green Man Gaming) this * April 20 * , guaranteeing the general public that this is no more than the beginning of a brand-new chapter on the SHOOTER assistance.

POSTAL 4: No Regerts - Early Access Launch Trailer

Postcard 4: No Remorses is defined in stores as a first-person capturing video game Comic, Scandalous and ridiculing , “The anticipated sequel of what has actually been disconed with love as ‘The Worst Video Game Ever’, Postcard 2! (It is not recognized that there is a 3rd game) “. It is presently marketed in shops at a cost of 33.99 euros.

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