Country SLG “Brigander Dein Lunajia Senki” STEAM version will be delivered May 11. Masterpiece SLG has a new element and expands the territories to the PC

Hapinet Co., Ltd. announced on April 5th to deliver the STEAM version of the Fantasy Country SLG “Briganda Dein Lunadia Senki”. The release time is May 11th, the price is 4500 yen including tax. In addition to detailed adjustments in accordance with the PC version, a new element of free mode (crafts) is added.

“Brigandi Dein Lunajia Senki” is a national fantasy SLG game that aims to continental knights and monsters. What is the stage is the six-factors with different beliefs, Lunasia continents. Sometimes Lunasia history 781 years. The countries were balanced while taking advantage of their own principles and claims. However, each idea and thought, and the existence of the past factor will trigger, and a large stranger that involves each country will wind up.

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In the Lunajian Senki, which is the main mode of this work, the player chooses one from each six power and aims for continental unification. Each power has its own backbone, and the reason for aiming for continental unification. By being drawn from multiple angles, one voting vibration runs from multiple angles, every time you play with different powers, the entire story of the story will be revealed.

In the battle scene, the player aims to expand the territory, leading the troops composed of the Rune Knight and the Beast. The battle progresses by repeating the two phase of attack and organization while placing the unit on the hex system map and fixes the defense line so as not to be invaded by the enemy. Gameplay’s base is characterized by the so-called standard “national SLG”, but the combat element is a stronger design than your domestic affairs element. Therefore, the scenario text digging down each character is minimized. However, a variety of conversations that occur during battle are reminiscent of the background and drama, and the players can imagine various stories. The situation that occurs due to such a factor can be said to be a great attraction of this work.

Also, in addition to the main mode (Lunajian Senki), the main work is equipped with one monarch and nine knights and the challenge mode (chapter of the past) fighting. In addition, in the STEAM version, a free mode (chapter of creation) is added as a new element. In the free mode, you can freely change the power distribution of the continent at the start of the game and the first subordinate knights, and enjoy the game. Also, it is said that the power distribution is selected from the 13 templates, and the ownership of each base can be freely customized from there. Besides, fine adjustments are performed according to the PC version such as graphic settings.

The PC (STEAM) version of “Briganda Dine Lunadia Senki” will be delivered on May 11. In addition, a loan tale can be performed for 7 days from the first day of delivery, and can be purchased for purchased at a tax-including tax 3825 yen from the 4500 yen for normal price tax. Also, this work is currently on sale at PLAYSTATION 4 / Nintendo SWITCH. A trial version that can experience the early stage of the game is delivered by each platform.

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