Epic Games, a 3D modeling app for smartphone cameras

On May 5, Epic Games launched a 3D free scanning application that can generate a 3D model using a smartphone camera. Realistic Scan was based on the state-of-the-art photo survey software that can reconfigure all sized objects and scenes with an image or laser scan with the apic game and ‘Quickcell’ apart from the Epic Games.

RealityScan By Epic Games -- Create 3D Models Using Your Phone!

Traditionally, to capture the actual assets to produce digital experiences, it was very complex and professional and requires a lot of work. But in the future, all realistic cans have been able to use 3D scanning techniques for anyone quickly and easily. If you have smartphones, you can easily create the same level of digital model as the actual that you can use for virtual projects.

Reality scans provide scanning experience such as interactive feedback, AR guidance, and data quality inspection. The final asset created through this can be easily uploaded to the 3D Content Platform Scatch fab. Through this, Epic Games plans to provide content authoring tools that integrate game engines and 3D content.

Martin Bainkak ‘Capture Reality’ co-founder said, “It is the future of virtual content production,” 3d scanning the real world is the future of virtual content. So far, if many people were dreaming, it was a dream that can be realized now, “. Michael Zanzo Sex ‘Capture Reality’ Co-founder also “Reality Scan is the first step of all the creators to make the creator to take advantage of 3D scanning.” I am glad to introduce them. “

The “Reality Scan” beta version first proceeds to the Capture Reality homepage for iOS users, and will be released on the first day of 1,000 people on the reality homepage, and soon to be released. For Android is scheduled to release this year.

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