Nintendo Switch: Update 14.1.0 relies on platinum points

After the last major firmware update 14.0 of the switch has donated a folder function, Nintendo bakes with the new version 14.1.0 smaller rolls. Nevertheless, there is a new feature that is especially looking forward to all players * in collecting platinum points.

Update 14.1.0 simplifies collecting platinum points

Since April 4th you can download a new update to the switch that adds a notification option for platinum points. So we can tell ourselves on the switch whether we have already considered earning points or not.

Here the patch Notes of Nintendo:

“Platinum Point Notification Settings” was added to the system settings under “Notifications”.

  • Non-demanded platinum points that are earned by completing Nintendo Switch online missions on your Nintendo Switch system generate notifications.
  • If you set these notifications to “Off”, the notification is hidden, which is sent, if unclaimed platinum points are present.

Platinum points for free content

You can collect so-called My Nintendo Points in your Nintendo account for fulfilling certain tasks. To which include so-called goldpoints next to the platinum points. The difference: Platinum points gets to you for the use of different services and fulfillment of tasks, turning gold points for buying games.

What do I get for platinum points? You can exchange the My Nintendo points at Nintendo for discounts, additional content and merchandise (shipping costs are possible). For example, this includes a Nintendo poster set, various wallpapers for the desktop or a Hyrule Warrior’s notebook.

How do I collect points? Gold points you get automatically by buying switch games. On the other hand, the platinum points collect them by completing missions, even if they have no Nintendo Switch online. So you have to link your Network ID or your Facebook account with your Nintendo account. A selection of missions can be found here.

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The new notifications help to collect effective platinum points and keep track of it, because they can also fall. Instead of going to go to the Nintendo website, there is now a handle to switch.

Collect your platinum points and are therefore pleased about the new function?

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