New Content Delivery Ends in two and a half years from the “Ghost Ricon Break Point” release-server operation continues

Ubai ISoft reveals that “ Mother Land Operation ” delivered in November last year to the open world shooter “**” was the last content, and is virtually new content It turned out that delivery was finished.

This work is the latest work of the “Ghost Ricon” series released at the time of writing this article. It will be released for PC / PS4 / Xbox ONE in October 2019 and conducted more than 11 updates. Collaboration content with “Rainbow Six Seeds” and “Sprincer Cell” was also delivered, and in addition to the “Mother Land Operation” in November 2021 and the NFT platform “Ubisoft Quartz” in December 2021 Test introduction of tests, etc. continued to add new content for about two years.

The evaluation of the media for the content of the release is the most frequent PS4 version of PS4 Metascore with the highest number of reviews, and Ubi Isho also acknowledged that earnings also recognized that the revenue will fall below the assumption, and the cause of the cause.

In the tweets posted this time, “Mother Land Operations” revealed that the last content was the last content, and it was revealed that the addition of content was effectively. Although this work is an online title, the server is maintained in line with “Wildlands”, so the play itself is possible.

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The “Ghost Ricon” series will continue to deliver the basic free play battle royal game “Ghost Ricon Front Line”.

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