Hard Boyne again … “MAX PAYNE” 1 & 2, PC and new generation of remake decisions for new generation! “Control” engine adoption

Developer Remedy Entertainment (Remedy) is to remake the primary “ MAX PAYNE ” and “ MAX Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne ” for PC / PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X | S. Announced. Publishing is that Rock Star Games is in charge of the original STEAM version etc.

Both works are the primary and sequel of the hard-boiled TPS “MAX Payne” series, which reached the 20th anniversary last year. Hard-boiled style and stories, and “Ballettime”, which has been systematized with slow motion, were evaluated by having dropped the Neonoir film to the game well.

In this presentation, Remedy’s Ceo ยท Tero Virtala says, “Max Payne is a special existence for us, (Omitted) Rockstar Games with original story, action, atmosphere, new shape I am very happy to be delivered to the player.

In addition, this remake is scheduled to be developed with the remedy internal engine “Northlight” used in the super capable SF action “Control”, and is currently “Phase of Convent Concept”.

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