LOL: The best couple of champions at the Lane bot that you have never seen together in a game

One of the most common mistakes of the players of League of Legends is to think more about them than in the rest of the companions. When in a game we have the last election, we all bet it for trying to make Counter to the rivals. A strategy that is statistically proven as erroneous, since in most occasions it is best to try to look for the piece that best lace on your own team. However, synergies are not such an easy statistic to find and sometimes it has to be Riot Games itself which we are track about it.

The best pair of League of Legends

In a discussion about what the best and worst synergies of champions would be in League of Legends, an employee of the developer wanted to reveal the one that turns out to be the best pair of characters. To determine this, it is not based solely on the joint victory rate when both appear in a game, if not on how much it increases with respect to when they are chosen solo. The chosen ones would be Kalista and Taric , which form a combination that you may have ever seen in a qualifying game due to the scarce popularity of both champions, which are only selected by 1% of the items.

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The truth is that, although the statistic is overwhelming and the data is much more reliable than they seem to be a trend that is repeating along many patches , almost no group of players of the Lane bot has decided Take this combination. Both have a spectacular synergy thanks to their offensive abilities in the first levels and security that contribute to the team jointly. However, a good part of the community feels somewhat clumsy to dedicate them even if, in words of Riot GalaxySmash Habling of the Lane bot, the best combination in terms of victorias rate obtained is Kalista + Taric“.

Unfortunately, your choice rate is reduced to one out of every 10,000 disputed items . Unless we are the change we want to see in League of Legends and we decide to carry out a game with a friend in which we try to take advantage of the couple, as probably we have never seen it and that we do not do it in the future. The popularity of the characters is not at all linked to its effectiveness in the loyalty crack and it has been demonstrated that the community does not necessarily choose the optimal champions to win.

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