SF Strategy “DUNE: SPICE WARS” STeam starts early access delivery on April 26. A struggle that spice spice begins on the sacrifice planet

Publisher’s FUNCOM announced on April 6th, STEAM early access delivery of “ DUNE: SPICE WARS ” to start on April 26. A real-time strategy game that shiro games, known for “Northgard”, etc.

“Dune: SPICE WARS” is a real-time strategy game that is set to the world of Frank Herbert’s SF novel “DUNE”. The player will fight for your power to dominate sand planet Arakis. In addition to combat, you can use all means, such as political conspiracy and spy networks, and let’s screw the enemy. Player characters appear to symbolize the same work, such as Ray Atrades Duke, Uradimir Halconenen Baron. Duke Atredes has options such as diplomatic and indirect control, and Halconnen Baron seems to be a brutal military rule, and it seems that their good strategy is also faithfully made to the original.

In the world of this work, there are space resources called spices. It is more valuable resources that allow extensions and perception extensions and stelves to be moved. Arachis will fight the dominance of this spice as well as the seasons of the sand dunes, but fight against enemy powers.

In addition, there are huge threats such as enemy powers but also sand worms (sandworms) in the strict desert planet Arakis. If you scan the terrain and find a sand worm, you need attention because the unit and the spice collection machine will be rounded.

Use a bird-shaped plane called an anisopter for searching. Find and rule resources, villages and other important spots. By expanding the unit, you will be able to control more areas. If you install a building or spice collection machine to obtain a large amount of resources, it is possible to rule arachrics economically. Unlike armed control, unlike the control of armed power, it is not necessary to fear political repulsion.

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It is a French-based shiro games that works on this work. It is a studio who worked on RTS “Northgard” and the Mercenary unit, who led the continent bundling the continent, and carries an open world RPG “Wartales” that travels in the Middle Ages Europe. The work of the studio has been highly evaluated in STEAM’s user reviews, and the two works mentioned earlier have acquired the “very popular” status. The skills to strategy games that are good at studios will also be demonstrated even in “Dune: SPICE WARS”.

“DUNE: SPICE WARS” plans to start early access delivery on April 26 for PC (STEAM). During early access, the game update and extension will be performed based on player feedback.

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