Convert The Matrix Awakens into a Superman game

Since Rocksteady ended the trilogy of Batman Arkham , the fans have been imploring this study that is now focusing on a game of superman of the open world. It seems that initially those were his plans, although they now officially revealed Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League . But thanks to Unreal Engine 5 , and the demo of The Matrix Awakens, We already have an idea of what this title of the Steel Man would be like. **

Via Twitter , a videogame designer known as VOLOD modified the demo of The Matrix Awakens to convert it into a Superman game, with everything and the ability to fly. You can see the results below:

As you could see, the result is certainly impressive and it does nothing but wake up the desire to have a game of superman again. Of course it would not be a simple task, but obviously there are many talented studies out there that they are perfectly capable of doing it, just lack that someone really wants. Considering how popular is this hero, expectations would undoubtedly be by the heavens and that can also be problematic.

Batman: Arkham Knight - Superman Powers Mod

As for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League , I will sadly have to wait until 2023 to put your hands on the game, but at the end of the day, this will result as a better title and experience for all.

Editor’s note : I think Superman is one of the most difficult superheroes to adapt to the world of gaming for obvious reasons, so if we have a new game of him, his developers should be quite creative with the form In what they do it.

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