Is a new tactics ogre is on the way?

At the beginning of last month, it arrived _ Triangle Strategy _, a tactical RPG by Square Enix that was a success in criticism and had a good performance in the market. Now, Recently it was discovered that the Japanese company has registered the brand of tactics ogre: reborn .

A brand record usually does not mean much, since most of the occasions are used to take care of a property, unless it is Konami and Silent Hill. The interesting thing about this is that _ tactics ogre: reborn is a name that appeared in the List of Nvidia of last year . Here also mentioned God of War for PC, a remastery of chrono Cross and _GTA: The Definitive Edition, _ all a reality today. In this way, the community has suspected that the tactical series could return in any second.

Is a New Tactics Ogre Coming SOON!?

However, at the moment there is no matter concrete. The name _ tactics ogre: reborn_ could indicate that this deals with a Remake port of Tactics ogre: Let us Cling Together that arrived at the PSP in 2010 . Since then, we have not seen something new related to this series, which has disappointed more than one, but this could change in the future.

Along with this, Square Enix has been commissioned to revive old series, including the remasteration of chrono Cross mentioned above, the Remake of Live to Live and a new game of Valkyrie named Valkyrie Elysium, So the idea of seeing Tactics ogre Once again it is possible.

On related topics, here you can check our review of TRIANGLE STRATEGY. Similarly, this game almost exceeds the million units sold.

Editor’s note:

The idea of seeing a new game of tactics ogre, even if it is just one Port or Remake Remake of 2010, it is something that has me very excited. TRIANGLE STRATEGY showed Square Enix that there is still interest in this type of game.

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