Development in nothing

After all, on the Hamburg SV is leaving. He failed in the past 0: 1 on Sunday also in the eighth attempt to land a second ligament against Holstein Kiel, awarded in a proven manner with the compulsory spring crisis (only a victory of seven games) the Bundesliga rise – and he becomes what For the upcoming seasonal analysis is of great importance, even under Tim Walter more and more to his own decal.

More than a result crisis

Until a few weeks ago, the coaches and those responsible for themselves could complain that they have triggered a development in this season. The HSV was not only younger and fresher, he also worked braver than during the first three futile attempts to return to the Bundesliga. Meanwhile, however, the lectures of the team form the next parallel. First, the results were missing, meanwhile, the ESPRIT is missing.

Already at the 1: 1 in Düsseldorf and the 1: 2 against Paderborn, much breadlose possession was noticeable as in the previous years, in Kiel now the sham superiority had reached its highest highlight: after even more elent, but faulty first half, swapping after the change For the first time conviction and belief in a team, which was a long time in the robe of indomitable, under Walter long time. At the Fjord, despite the end of the end of 70 percent of the possession of the possession in the second passage was only dangerous to the gate, found neither gaps nor spaces. “We were a bit cramped, driving and no longer purposeful,” says Walter.

Season end spurt only poses personnel brisance

The coach knows that in the league of desolate weeks threaten. For the first time since the 2008 descent, the ascent race has already lost five laps before the end. Brisance is still in the air. Because the seasonal finale is as miserable as the second half of the Fjord, threaten endamples for those responsible. “We want to develop and try to free ourselves from results,” the coach gives the solution for the near future. But especially of the results depends on whether the 46-year-old has one in Hamburg at all.

The coaching work paper is valid until 2023 and Jonas Boldt Willens, not to react with a personnel rochet on the failure. But in the coming weeks, it is also about the sports board itself. In the responsibility of the 40-year-old, three failed ascension attempts are now trying and that is naturally critically questioned.

Also Boldt is on the test

First, since with Frank Wettstein, a more familiar as a partner in the leadership is excreted to the beginning of the year. His successor Dr. Thomas Wüstefeld has been sent to the Management Board from the Supervisory Board and has formulated the claim for itself to glimpse all processes. The 53-year-old has not yet occurred as a Boldt critic, but his self-elected mission makes a review close to a duty.

Holstein Kiel Trainer im Interview ????‼️
Why the HSV in changing constellations in the end always supplies the same results and now also predicts similar static football will be a central point in the analysis. And as the end of the end is relevant depends on whether the much quoted development will be visible again. Currently she leads to nothing.

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