“Star Wars” appeared at “Kingdom Hearts 4”? Trailer suggestion

Square Enix officially announced “Kingdom Hearts 4” on April 10. The published image makes the beauty with short and short. Among them, users pointed out that they are suggested that the “Star Wars” works have been shown.

Disney/Pixar worlds coming to Kingdom Hearts 4

“Kingdom Hearts 4” is the latest series of series. Release date, price and response platform are all undecided. The stage is a world quadratum similar to the modern Tokyo. Aiming to return to her original world in this place. In the new work, the Lost Master 篇 is expanded, not the dark seaker drawn in the past series numbering.

In the trailer, “Kingdom Hearts” has been scattered everywhere and many keywords that came out in the past work. Among them, it is a one scene of the forest that is particularly attention. Among the images, a scene showing a natural forest is relaxed. Users pointed out if there is a “Star Wars” work participation.

It is a short scene of about 10 seconds for time, but it is one of 4 minutes 42 seconds from collecting topics. The AT-ST’s footprint is on the top right. AT-ST is a two-legged walker that appears in the “Star Wars” series. The full name is the full terrain scout transport (All Terrain Scout Transport). “Star Wars” appears in a variety of works with the aircraft used in the Galactic Battle.

At the time of AT-ST in the forest, it is the battle at the Mori Moon Enda (here, Endoa). In the “Star Wars: Episode 6 / Jedai”, Han Solo goes to the end of the second Death Star destruction operation. And with the help of the Yualk, who is the Nonopathy of Endo, he replied the Imperial Army. When the battle was unfolded at Endoa, the Imperial Force used AT-ST. The AT-ST Like Legs appeared in the trailer of “Kingdom Hearts 4”.

Not only the AT-ST legs appeared, but also the published forest also appear to think of the end. From these two elements, “Star Wars” works in “Kingdom Hearts 4” is exciting. Certainly, the scene itself of this forest is also suddenly seen. It will be interpreted as something that is some suggestion.

Speaking of “Kingdom Hearts” series, it is a collaboration game with Walt Disney Company (hereinafter, Disney). Now Disney has a huge IP. In addition to acquiring Pixar Animation Studio in 2006, we acquired Marvel and Entertainment in 2009. In 2012, he acquired Lucas film and acquired the 21st Century Fox in 2019.

Depending on the movement of Disney’s acquisition, the appearance work of “Kingdom Hearts” is also colorful. Various Disney works have also appeared in the past, but at “Kingdom Hearts 3”, Pixar Animation Studio work is also first appearance. “Toy Story” and “Monsters Inc.” were participating in the war.

As long as the Lucas film is under Disney, the “Star Wars” work is not even if it comes out. However, if the series appears, it would be a big news. If “Star Wars” comes out, there are also people who have expected to participate in Marvel work. It is only guessed, but I feel romantically.

By the way, when I look at the official site rights notation, the previous work “Kingdom Hearts 3” and the new smartphone game “Kingdom Hearts Michish Link” is “© Disney. © Disney / Pixar.Developed by Square ENIX”. It has become. On the other hand, the notation of “Kingdom Hearts 4” is “© Disney. Developed By Square ENIX”. It is considered to be masked to put what kind of work to appear. As in the past work, it is likely to be a fun for fans for the guess of “which work of Disney appears”. I want to expect future information disclosure.

“Kingdom Hearts 4” is currently under development.

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