Sony could be a studio of Metal Gear

We still do not know which studio want to take over the responsible persons of Sony next. Numerous rumors in the last weeks suggest that there will probably be the next big deal in the industry soon. For speculation, a new banner is now on the website of the PlayStation Studios . In addition to titles like The Last of Us, Horizon Forbidden West or God of War, there is now also Death Stranding to see.

Playstation Studio Acquisition - The Studio and Publisher It May Purchase Next

Sony snaps soon Kojima Productions?

Some players now believe that Sony is on a takeover by Hideo Kojima and his team at Kojima Productions . After the Konami, the Metal-Gear-Inventor founded his own and independent developer studio in Tokyo. However, as a direct reference to a takeover, the appearance of Death Stranding in the banner should not necessarily be considered.

Sony holds the rights to Death Stranding

At the first project of Kojima Productions as an independent studio, the team worked together with Sony to bring the idea of Death Stranding to life. Among other things, Kojima left the Decima Engine of the Horizon maker of Guerrilla Games to shorten the development time. Through the cooperation Sony is also right holder of the IP and can call the game as first party title .

How is Kojima Productions continue?

After last the Director’s Cut by Death Stranding has appeared for PS5 and PC, the development should be finally completed. That a new project is in making, no surprise should be. However, it is unclear what is the next work of Hideo Kojima. Only a few days ago Kojima Productions moved to a larger building in Tokyo. In Los Angeles also takes care of a Studio offshoot around films, TV and music.

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