Spider-Man No Way Home: The Imax Enhanced version excluded on the Bravia Core de Sony platform

With almost 1.9 billion dollars generated at the box office (and 7 million entrances in France), Spider-Man no way home is by far the biggest cinematographic success since the end of the COVID epidemic, but also from Avengers Endgame. After screaming his fans in the dark rooms, the film of Sony Pictures is now available for the purchase in VOD today, Thursday, April 14, 2022, while the Blu-ray and the DVD will be put to sale the April 27th. And what better precisely for Sony to wait for the arrival of this popular blockbuster to promote once again Bravia Core, his own proprietary platform launched in 2021 and allows to watch the movies of Sony Pictures in the highest quality possible streaming, The same as a Blu-ray, since the sent flow is the same, up to 80 MB / second. If Spider-Man no way home is necessarily available now on the platform, we learn especially that this is the only place where it will be possible to see the movie in its best format: IMAX. Sony has indeed made exclusive the viewing of the ultimate version of the movie with Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

Sony Bravia Core Streaming Review on A90J OLED TV 2021

Indeed, Bravia Core is the only platform where the movie will be kept in its original Imax Enhanced format, with a 4K HDR image and an immersive DTS sound, since even Blu-ray versions will be devoid, at least launch. It is recalled that to take advantage of the Bravia Core service, you must be in possession of a Bravia XR television and have a fiber connection to enjoy the best possible quality of movies at Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures. Note that the service will also be installed in all new BRAVIA XR televisions, such as recent QD-OLED Series Master A95K and the next OLED & Full Array models. More than 300 tracks are available today on Bravia Core and each compatible purchased TV integrates the service with a credit up to 10 movies and 24 months of unlimited streaming for the purchase of a Bravia XR TV.

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