How to evolve Poulpaf in Krakos in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Some Pokemon in sword and shield have specific criteria that you must respect to change them. Poulpaf is one of those pokemon. Although it is possible to follow their evolution, Krakos, later in the game, you can also evolve the Pokémon using the method below.

How to evolve Poulpaf in Krakos in Pokemon Sword and Shield

You can catch Poulpaf on Route 9, where they will be between levels 39 and 43, or you will be able to try your luck in a Max Raid battle in the wild area to catch them earlier. To evolve in Krakos, Poulpaf needs to know the provocative movement.

Pokémon Sword/Shield Walkthrough, Part 06: Wild Area (First Visit)
This usually would learn how to level 35, so if you catch a poulpaf that is higher than that, but you do not know the movement, you can go to a Pokemon center to help it remember the movement. When the Poulpaf knows the move, simply put it in your party and you can level it until it evolves. You only need to level once after learning TAUNT, and it will evolve.

If you are patient, you can catch a level 50 krakos shortly after updating your Motisma Bike device that allows it to travel on the water. Krakos also appears as a strong appearance in the Wild AREA invader later in the game.

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