What is a growth room in Lost Ark?

Smilegate introduced many Lost Ark updates during closed beta testing, which included new actions, classes and a number of game functions. Among these features was what was called Growth room Creative set, which allows characters to experience new gaming modes and skills.

Growth room, which is only one of the updates in Lost Ark, gives you the opportunity to study and master new features that can then be enhanced and used in arkesey. These functions are as follows:

  • Pets
  • Mounty

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* Kraft
* Engraving
* Processing
* Disassembly

how to open a growth room in Lost Ark

You can unlock and use the growth room by running the local task of the northern right. After breakdown . This happens after beating Request Eileen which you can pick up in castle Verne . As a rule, you must reach the North Verne approximately level 50 . You are most likely unlocking the growth room at 52 or higher if you adhere to the main chain of quests.

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