Historical feat! Zeta Division Wins Team Liquid at the “Valorant” World Tournament and finally finalized

Currently, the International Convention “2022 Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1-Masters Reykjavík” (VCT2022 STAGE 1 MASTERS) in Iceland Reykjavik (VCT2022 STAGE 1 MASTERS) PLAYOFFS Lower Bracket on April 17, Japan national team “ Zeta Divisio N” has achieved a commitment to make “ Team Liquid” 2-1 and to determine the best six-off.

The other day’s Group Stage Day3, “Zeta Division” is a topic in Twitter that “Zeta Division” won 2-0 straight to the UK ‘FNATIC’. And Best 8 Battle of Brazil’s “Ninjas in Pyjamas” was won by 2-1, and playoffs went out of advance. Unfortunately, PLAYOFFS’s first match “G2 ESPORTS” match defeats, but at the main tournament, a double elimination method (once defeated by a defeat), a rule that will win a total twice twice and will be losing twice Since I was also defeated in the first match, I played against “Team Liquid” and April 17 and had a wonderful victory.

In the post-war interview, the LAZ and DEP players are still commenting that each of both LAZ and DEP players can still leave the results, and I have a historical victory that will be executed. The game is “I was told if I was told” to sweat through the dramatic ACE of the Sugarz3 player. In the interview after the game, Tennn players will also be more confident through this victory, such as saying “We (Zeta) can take the world’s best.”

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The next match to be the second round of the Lower Bracket is scheduled to be held at 2 am on April 19, and the opponent will be the winner of the 18th “DRX VS Optic Gaming” battle. Let’s pay attention to Zeta Division’s rose if this one win is not a miracle but also to Champions.

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