[Weekly Trehan] “Quest receiving geralt” April 10th to April 16th of April is this!

Weekly Treasure Hunt ” that I’m buried without missing or timing, and I will be buried, and “ Weekly Treasure Hunt ” to introduce the game information and entertainment information in one of the 2022-10. It is April 16th. It is a rough introduction, but fortunate you find a treasure for everyone.

# Palkool Platformer “Sephonie” Steam Delivery start

The story is also likely to have a unique atmosphere.

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# VR near future taxi driver ADV “The Last Taxi” Steam delivery date decision

Apiarian Phantom: Geralt and Halfling Meadworks Problem (Witcher 3 Contract Quest)
Local time will be delivered on May 31st.

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# Cute Nyanko’s Violence Skate Slusher “Gori: Cuddly Carnage” Announced

It may be new to make the hoverboard a weapon.

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# “Very ordinary deer game” cushion appeared in prize

Very ordinary deer’s quite ordinary cushion.

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# Cold War era Select Stage Adventure “South Of The Circle” Announced

It’s like a drama.

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# Dungeon Search Log Like “LOOT RIVER” Gameplay Commentary

Introduce the effects of weapons and items by combining.

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# Retro style survival shooter “The Wastes” version 1.3 trailer

New modes and new weapons will be added.

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# “The Simpsons” Opening by “Escape From Tarkov”

It feels like the sound effects of the gun.

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# “Metro 2033” movie version is suspended

Two founders of production companies seem to stop the company.

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