Battlefield 2042 confirms important improvements in his patch 4.0; All the details

Battlefield 2042 prepares to launch one of the most important patches of its stage in the market. The 4.0 update will be available next April 19 in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. We review the most prominent items below.

Massive Battlefield 2042 Patch Tomorrow ► ALL The Important Changes!

How will Battlefield 2042 improve with patch 4.0?

Since EA says the settings in specialists market one of the spearheads of this update. Rao and Paik, for example, will see your pmarketsive advantages updated, while Sundance will receive an incremarkete in the power of your pomegranates. The vehicles are not overlooked either: the M5C will reduce the power of its launches and make pmarketsengers emarketier to abate.

The study emphmarketizes armament accessories. They have remodeled “many” of the available so that its impact on the weapon “is unique and perceived” when using it. “So far, some accessories had effects too similar to those of others and it wmarket not clear what would be the impact on your weapons by changing between them,” underline.

The possibility of use the voice chat in the middle of a game hmarket been added. Of course, it will only be available for the members of the same group or patrol. The renewed score will also appear at the end of the game to more accurately detain the performance of each player.

Regarding progression, concrete adjustments have been made in most decorations. Now they will be “emarketier to unlock” in all game modes, especially in marketsault. The experience points granted by support actions will incremarkete drmarkettically, while those obtained by fulfilling targets decremarkete.

These points are just some of the most outstanding patch. They include more than 400 corrections to errors found during these months. Its responsibles are located at the month of May to see the launch of the next round of improvements.

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