It is likely that as a result of the chasco with the future retracompatibility of payment on ps5 by the most expected subscription of PlayStation Plus you have dear Dispose of your PS3 or your Vita Being recomplished with Games of the first PlayStation or PSP, respectively. After all, there are many games there.

The problem is that Sony has only activated the verification in two steps, with which your old password will no longer allow you to access with your profile such a consoles. And this procedure is not as intuitive as you would expect, apart from being accompanied by a small letter that can give you a headache if you do not know what is failing in case you have both consoles… or even repeated.

How to solve the error in ancient consoles

Knowing that the two-step verification was implemented in mid-2016, it is more than likely that at this point of the film you have activated that security system. Otherwise, We first remind you of the basic steps To follow:

  • Access your account at Sony Entertainment Network
  • Go to the section “Safety”, just below “Account”
  • Click on “edit” where the verification comes in two steps
  • Select “Activate” and enter your phone number to verify
  • Enter the security code to “verify” definitely

If you are fixed, from the same section of “QUARTIFICATION in two steps” within the link of Sony Entertainment Network exits just below a tab that puts “security codes”. There, 10 random codes come out in case you can not access the initial verification code using SMS or PSN app.

Verification in two steps is guilty, therefore, that this incorrect password message comes out or that does not recognize your login ID. Because now your password has to be generated, with the aggravating that a generated password may not be worth it for another device, in case you want to play PS3 or vita indiscriminately. You have to repeat another process.

From the same “Safety” tab where we activate the verification in two steps, you have at the bottom of a whole section where it puts “password for configuring the account” and just below the message to generate or * manage device configuration passwords * . If you have any in use, you will get the option to “revoke”. Otherwise, you can generate a new password.

That generated password will be that you should use from now on your PS3 or VITA, it is advisable to check the box to remember the password when you start with that new password for the first time in case you forget.

The latter we say it mainly because the Sony page tends to stop show the password you use for each device , being difficult then remember what is referenced by each section, no matter how much you have defined a name for each console from the Section of “Device Management”.

Nor is this section exempting this section, since in the shared capture it has that I have three “unused” passwords when it is just the opposite. And you must bear in mind that, in general, each password is associated with a device…

So we recommend you create a document where you save each password and have them safely so as not to generate another new one by some dismissals.

What if you do not let you play games that you bought?

PS Vita: How To Fix Error Code: NP-2068-6 On Hacked Device - (Easy Method Guide)

With this to unplug ancient consoles, especially if you have any repeated, as is my case, you can give yourself the question that some error message comes out with a digital game saying that “This content can not be used” .

It does not matter as playing connected to the Internet, you must have that console activated as a main system. If you have two ps3, as it happens to me, you can tighten with games where a conflict is generated. And it is that at my first ps3 it was over spoiling the reader and I had to buy another secondhand to continue enjoying the games in physical. Hence this problem pretty common…

You can manage your consoles from the aforementioned section of “Device Management”, having a stop of active devices, as you will know. You can all deactivate them all by clicking on “Deactivate all devices”.

And how do you then activate a PS3 or vita console? Here the steps to follow vary slightly between each, although the result is the same.

In the case of the desktop console, you have to do the following:

  • Go to the PlayStation Network section of the main menu
  • Select “Account Administration”
  • Now click on “System Activation”
  • Del later where it puts “PS3 system”
  • And check the “Game” box in the “System Activation” menu

As for the last Sony portable, you have to do this:

  • Go to the “Settings” section of the main menu
  • Select PlayStation Network
  • Navigate down to where it puts “activation of the system”
  • Highlight the “Game” option and click on “Activate”
    Realize that this can also be done with the PSP content that you have associated for download or use from PS3 or VITA consoles at present.

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