New chips for Xbox Series X

While the Xbox Series S is in stock anywhere, the Xbox Series X looks very different. If you want to order the console online, you still have to expect bottlenecks. But that could change soon if you believe new rumors believe. Because Microsoft could set new hardware at Xbox Series, which has a positive effect on production speed.

Sets Microsoft in the Xbox Series soon to 6nm chips?

While the graphics card bottleneck was slowly overcome, the console crisis is far from end. The PlayStation 5 is still on stock and the Xbox Series X is also out of print in many online stores. Both Sony and Microsoft have still on the lack of production capacity to nibble, which should also be due to the 7NM manufacturing process of the console processors.

Microsoft Expert Brad Sams assumes that Microsoft could make a small change in chip production in the course of the year, and switches to the 6NM process of TSMC . The advantages of the new chips: they would consume less power, thus working cooler, the chip yield in the production process is higher, the market launch time is lower.

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Sams more information in the video:

“I know that Microsoft has worked on a revision of the chip. Microsoft is constantly working on hardware revisions. Are we seeing performance improvements or extensions? I do not believe that. But Microsoft always works on cooler, more efficient chips because that lowers production costs. “

New Xbox chip does not offer a power jump

New Xbox Series X Chip In Development | New Chip Is Being Developed For The Xbox Series X

In his video, however, Sams clearly makes that Xbox fans should not count on the chip upgrade for a power jump . An Xbox Series X Pro with higher performance is currently not in the room.

Instead, the hardware exchange would probably be worthwhile for Microsoft, because in this way even more consoles can be produced in shorter time and a cheaper course . But customers would also benefit from this circumstance for a long time.

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Because if it should actually create Microsoft to cover the need for Xbox-Series-X consoles in a timely manner, this oversupply of Next-Gen consoles also has a positive effect on the price. The Xbox Series X becomes cheaper. Until the time has come, however, will probably pass a few months. We will keep you up to date.

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