[INTERNATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTS Challenger Corporation Balo Rotation Challenger Corporation Stage 2 will enter a full-fledged schedule at the beginning of participation.

Riot Games (Korea Representative Ingredri) announced on May 4, from the 19th to 24th to the 24th,.

From February to March, Balo Rotat Challenger Corporation Korea Stage 1 was successfully completed while collecting a lot of topics. For the first time, the first regular league has been in the form of a regular league and exploded the potential in the playoffs among the teams that passed on the regular league, and the upset was often uploaded.

Playoff was held offline from Sangam Colosseum located in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, but it was first of the first time, not only in Korea, but also in the world of Balority Tour League.

DRX, which won the stage 1, was currently held at the Balorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 1, which is currently being held at Iceland Reykjavik, and the Group Stage, and ranked 2nd wines on the Group Stage.

DRX, who grabbed Paper Rex, Asia Pacific, and the DRX, who climbed to the winner of the winner 4, was defeated at the end of the North American representative optic gaming and full set engagement. DRX, which spreads competition with regional representatives around the world, revealed the competition, which has announced the talent of Korean Balo.

Stage 2 is proceeded in the same manner as the stage 1 with the performance of the expected performance. The fourth team, which ranks fourth in Stage 1, is automatically entered on the Stage 2 main line. Winning DRX, Junwoo-woo-sul, 3rd place Holly Molly, the fourth largest member of Hollymori decided to do not attend Stage 2, while Holmori decided to absent on Stage 2, and May 4, A team of winning is a seeding ticket.

Open qualifiers will be carried out with four digits. A team that you want to participate in the Open qualifier will be applied to the participating reception link from April 19 to 24. In order to participate, the members must be at least 16 years of age and have an account that has been identified on the Korean server.

K2: Un char innovant
It should be achieved more than one tier of immortality in Korean account episodes 4. If you support more than 48 teams, the participation of the participating reception description of the participation team with the average tier (total) and proceed to the online tie-breaker game between the average tier sub team. Open qualifiers will proceed online for 3 days from May 6 to 8.

If you confirm the four teams to participate in the main line through the open qualifiers, the Stage 2 finals start in earnest. A total of eight teams, including the four teams who have passed the four teams and the open qualifiers, were confronted with a single round robin of the three pre-2 leads, and the top six teams go on to playoffs.

The playoffs will be held with double-elimination of 3 pre-leading leaders, and the faucet final and final final finals are spread to 5 former leaders. A team that achieved the final championship in playoffs is a representative of Korea on Masters Stage 2.

The winning prize of this Balorant Challenger Corporation is a total of 150 million won, and the first place is $ 30 million, and 2,000 won for the second, and the third largest, For the best player, the prize money of 5 million won is given separately.

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